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The Third World

Buy custom The Third World essay

Buy custom The Third World essay

The countries in the world can be generally divided into three classes: the first class countries, the second class countries and the third class countries otherwise often referred to as the third world countries. All these classes have distinguishing features which set them apart. The first class countries have the best living standards followed by the second class countries and lastly the third class countries. The third world countries have perpetually been lagging behind in literary everything. This is an essay which examines the case of the third world countries on a deep context. The paper will majorly review for areas: the definition and origin of the term third world; the problems which have been faced by the third world since the 1950s; the solutions which have been attempted to solve these problems and the extent of the success of these attempts. The essay in general will bring into light the plight faced by the third world countries and the state of the situation they are in. the essay makes use of the book, “a history of world societies,” to bring into light  the case of the third world countries. A conclusion is then drawn on the essay.

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The Term Third World

The term ‘third world’ is often used to refer to those countries which are less developed and are at a lower level economically as compared to the second and first world countries. The countries belongingto the third world class have got common characteristics which are poverty and economic dependence. Other characteristics include high birth rates and unstable and more often than not undemocratic governance. To best understand how the appropriateness of the term, there is need to examine the origin of the term third world (McKay, Hill & Buckler 50)

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The term-third world has its origin in the country of France. This was in the 1950s during the French revolution. The society then could be quickly classified into three categories of estates: the priest constituted the first estate and the nobles who comprised of the second estate with the commoners comprising the third estate. An important issue to note is that the commoners in the third estate in a great way represented some countries which were to be named later the third world countries. The commoners in the third estates were often exploited by nobles and priest in the second and third estates. The people in the third estates wished to change their situations but could not because the second and first estate continuously pressed down and undermined the people in the third estate (McKay, Hill & Buckler 60).

An observation was made and a conclusion drawn indicating that in the world there some countries which were treated just like the people in the third estate. These countries are often exploited with being exploited by other countries which are in the first and second class status. The term evolved to become third world countries. The third world countries have got a number of common characteristics which include economies which are highly distorted and dependent; their economies are basically dependent on producing primary products which are sold to the developed markets. The economic conditions of the third world countries make them dependent on the developed countries and make them vulnerable to exploitation by the developed countries. It is worth to mention that during the cold war a number of third world nations attempted to align themselves with neither the USSR nor NATO but remain neutral and as such benefit from both of the superpowers. However this was not possible and actual the third world countries ended being exploited and being used as battle field by the superpowers. This has often formed the source of problems faced by the third world countries since the 1950s (McKay, Hill & Buckler 90).

The Problems faced by the third world countries

Since the 1950s the third world countries have been faced by a number of problems which in most cases arise from the economic dependence of the developed countries. The major problems the third world countries have been facing since the 1950s are starvation, bad governance and civil wars. A critical analysis of these problems can be said to stem from one root cause of bad governance which is deeply rooted in corruption (McKay, Hill & Buckler 100). 

Buy custom The Third World essay

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