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How Facebook Could Be a Social Problem?

Buy custom How Facebook Could Be a Social Problem? essay

Buy custom How Facebook Could Be a Social Problem? essay


Social media is the most popular way of communication in the modern society. However, social networking, Facebook in particular, has numerous negative influences on the people’s life, health, and interpersonal relationships. The dangers that come from using Facebook could be a social problem that would cause psychological and mental disorders, as well as reverse feelings.

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Social media plays and important role in the modern society as it is the way of collecting information, making friends, and communication, as well as sharing ideas and views. Facebook is one of the most popular social networks used around the globe. There are many discussions concerning the influence of social media, Facebook in particular, on people, their health, well-being, and relations. Nowadays, Facebook has more than 1 billion users (Williams, 2014). There is a belief that Facebook negatively influences people’s emotional and psychological state, behavior, and relationships. Constant connectivity to this network has a number of negative influences. It is the worst enemy of a person (Konnikova, 2013). However, many people who had started using Facebook with positive expectations and purposes found out that it had negatively influenced their lives. Facebook could be a social problem as it poses a threat to the people’s health, relations, and psychological well-being.

Facebook has been criticized for a range of issues including abusive speech, treatment o users, online privacy, child safety, and many other issues. Moreover, the content of some user pages, blogs, and groups tends to promote controversial issues such as sex, religion, and politics. The more often a person is connected to Facebook, the stronger the person feels about the things that happen within the network. The information the Facebook users add and the actions they take represent their identities. People with low self-esteem are extremely concerned with what others post about them in social media. They continuously monitor Facebook, read posts, and delete unwanted ones. Unexpected negative post or letter may lead to depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders.

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The first social issue related to Facebook is mental health. It has been reported that the frequent use of Facebook makes people envy and unhappy as many users display only the best positive events from their lives. It may result in depression, rage, hatred, insecurity, and even suicide. Stress is another feeling that Facebook users experience. The causes of stress include discomfort, fear of missing important events and offending contacts, and fear of being blocked by the friends. Moreover, Facebook may lead to addiction. It is as difficult to quit the site as to quit drinking or smoking. Studies prove the claim that Facebook causes undesirable outcomes. For example, almost 12% of its users become anxious while more than 30% feel guilt when they get a friend request rejections. In addition, many users claim that they do not like the online etiquette rules for different friends (Williams, 2014).

The second pproblem that is caused by the frequent use of Facebook is overall health issues. Many schoolchildren and students face bullying in the site. This treatment leads to extensive psychological harm. In addition, social networking sites, including Facebook, can raise the risk of serious health problems. Users lack face-to-face communication. Therefore, isolation can change the way the genes work and negatively influence the immune responses, the function of artery, and the level of hormones. Social network users can have altered mental performance and face increased risk of such problems as strokes, dementia, heart disease, cancer, and others.

The next negative effect of Facebook is poor relationships. There are numerous dangers for young users of social networking sites such as Facebook. However, there is a constantly increasing number of middle-aged people who neglect their own private life and family because of online activities. There are many claims that the services like Facebook contribute to separations and divorce. People aged 40-50 usually make attempts to reconnect with their childhood and university sweethearts (Facebook to Blame for Divorce Boom, 2010). Therefore, a popular social networking site Facebook is often criticized for being a major factor in divorces. Today, Facebook takes the leading position among the divorce reasons.

Therefore, Facebook is a famous social media that has numerous negative effects on people. It can destroy family life, increase range, hatred, and anxiety in society. In addition, it makes people depressed and unhappy causing serious health problems.

Buy custom How Facebook Could Be a Social Problem? essay

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