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Buy custom Branding essay

Buy custom Branding essay

Branding includes a whole lot of identifiers, for instance, name, symbol, sign, design or a combination of the identifiers as explained by Mayer.[1] They are intended to help consumers in the identification of services and goods of a given seller or a group of sellers, making it possible to differentiate one seller from others. Therefore, it is only logical to understand branding as enabling a seller’s prospects to see products as the main and only solution to their needs and not for the target market to choose a seller over the competition. Branding is utilized to target the right customers hence positioning the products to these potential buyers. The targeting and positioning functions of branding are achieved through confirmation of brand credibility, connecting with the prospects emotionally, and motivation of customers and creation of loyalty among consumers as shown by Foxwell.[2] Success of branding requires initial understanding of customers’ desires, where the brand strategies are integrated through the company at all points of public contacts. Brands often reside in the minds of prospects, customers and clients. A strong brand is in most cases invaluable since competition for customers intensify daily.

Therefore, it is significant to spend a lot of time building, investing, defining and researching on brands since it is the source of promise to customers. Brand is the foundational piece of a company’s marketing communication. Branding is, however, faced by several challenges for instance, during its creation and building. A great deal of consideration and time are required while creating a brand. Achieving initial consumer recognition of a new product is often essential in branding. Branding initiatives in most cases have been found to lack accountability, caused by nonexistence of formal metrics for determination of effective branding initiatives as asserted by Noto Solutions.[3] Meeting the consumer expectations through branding is rather difficult than anticipated by most business individuals. In some situations, unrealistic expectations may be seen among the prospects and sellers causing serious anxiety

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Most businesses are today using online and social networks to breathe new life in the business field. These fields help companies build collaborative relations with their consumers. For instance, Pepsi Company utilizes online marketing in selling their brand to consumers as explained by Delia.[4] This channel of marketing is competitive and enables the Pepsi Company to stay in contact with its potential consumers. The company also manages to go where its people are, where it strategizes to tap into the existing communities through contribution and complementation. The company also has a legitimate purpose and strategy, in which it anchors its core character and values. Adelson- Yan argues that the strategy used is also dynamic and multidirectional to fulfill the needs of all consumers while competing healthily with other companies.[5] Pepsi Company also connects to causes and phenomena that resonate with it and its essential cultural practices. This in turn, enables the company to connect with its product consumers.

The company is also real, making it able to listen and respond to the needs of its customers. Listening to desires of prospects makes Pepsi Company keen in acknowledging the good, bad and ugly thus embracing and resolving failures while enjoying success. Pepsi also utilizes a refreshing approach in maintaining the brand reputation and consumers. The company has a project which concentrates less on the beverage and more on ideas. This project uses the social media in encouraging a shift from buying of sodas and funding causes that promote social good. The use of blog reviews is essential in improving brands of the Pepsi Company. The blog reviews help the company’s website and the product to obtain positive online image. Press releases are also vital in improving the brand reputation as evident in Lake.[6] Press release is able to reach millions of people hence marketing of products. Engaging advertisements are significant since potential consumers get to engage in discussions, thus growth in consumer audience.

Buy custom Branding essay

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