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Essentials 1 and 2

Buy custom Essentials 1 and 2 essay

Buy custom Essentials 1 and 2 essay

Learning and education are aimed at improving knowledge, skills and developing the required attitude for a specific profession. Essentials of Baccalaureate for professional nursing have been set to provide a framework prepared by stakeholders for adequate preparation of future professionals (Cathro, 2011). These essentials implicate on the kind of education being offered and, hence, the kind of practice the nurses will display. The essentials described below are among the nine essentials identified by the American Association of College Nursing as the basic requirements for the education program for nursing. They guide development of the nursing curriculum to be in line with the professional development requirements. They also help in developing the nurses as individuals in their various fields of practice as the profession seeks to broaden the scope.

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The first essential is that nursing education should be liberalized. This type of education will offer education for baccalaureate across multiple fields of study including mathematics, social studies, life and physical sciences and even arts (AACN, 2008). It is aimed at developing a broad base of knowledge and awareness that sets the foundation for divergence in career choices and development. Having gone through thi type of training, I feel that the foundation I have can enable me pursue different aspects of healthcare and nursing. My training in the social sciences is important in ensuring that my relationship with other people in the profession and beyond is sufficient for personal and professional growth (Keating, Keating & Keating, 2011).

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Liberalizing nursing education is an important approach to professional development. The reason behind this is that there are many fields in which professional nurses, especially the degree holders (BSN), can work. For instance, the expertise taught in the social sciences, such as psychology, allow the nurse to perform effectively in the counselling sector as well as in school health where engagement with the community is always an issue. Similarly, the knowledge we obtain in arts and mathematics supplements managerial and leadership skills and puts the nurse in at a better position to manage an institution where people of various professions work (Cathro, 2011).

The second essential indicates that the education for nurses should provide basic leadership skills to improve the quality of care. Quality care is always directed, leadership skills when installed in the nursing education improves the quality of care and, hence, develop the person and the profession (AACN, 2008). In my current training, I have learnt quite a lot on leadership skills and even practiced these skills in a hospital setting during my on-job training. The skills are necessary for improving nursing care quality and enhance the overall operations of medical facility. 

Under this, the need for liberalization of nursing education to include other aspects of other disciplines ensures that the program produces nurses who are capable of addressing current requirement and deficiencies in profession. The profession is in need of managers of nursing practice who understand both their managerial duties and all aspects of nursing care. The essential, therefore, has led to my equipping with adequate skills that I can develop and enhance over time to make a better nurse manager.

My future learning objectives are to develop a deeper insight into community psychology, as a social science so that I can effectively work in any community helping to improve the quality of care. I also intend to enhance my leadership qualities through further training on emotional control, which I have identified as a challenge to my leadership. To be in a position to develop personally and professionally the nurses require these essentials.

Buy custom Essentials 1 and 2 essay

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