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Diet Trends: Volumetrics

Buy custom Diet Trends: Volumetrics essay

Buy custom Diet Trends: Volumetrics essay

Volumetrics is number six in the rating of the most popular diets. Some people go on a diet for health indications. However, most of them seek to lose weight. Volumetrics kills two birds with one stone: while its main aim is weight loss, it relieves diabetes and heart troubles. It is an effective commercial diet. Volumetrics is a preferred variant among a variety of diets because it is efficient, safe, healthy, inexpensive, and relatively easy to follow.

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The theory behind the diet is that people tend to eat the same volume of food irrespective of the calories and nutritional value. The dietitians advise to preserve the amount but replace high-calorie foodstuffs with low-calorie ones. They divide all products into four categories according to their density (correlation between the volume and the calories): very low density, low density, medium density, and high density. The first category includes fruit and vegetables, non-fat milk, and soup on broth. The second category contains grains, starchy fruit and vegetables, pasta with fat-burners, legumes, and low-fat meat. Tasty things like pizza, cheese, meat, bread, French fries, cakes, ice cream, etc. belong to the third category. Finally, the fourth one includes candies, chocolate, nuts, butter, oil, crackers, etc. (Haupt, 2015). The secret is in falling into the first two categores, limiting the third group and excluding the fourth one. It is always better to choose for a lower-density product.

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The developers of the diet promise up to two pounds a week weight loss. With right food choices, it should be possible. The approach gives good result in short-term weight loss and is good at long-term weight maintenance. Emphasis on fruit, vegetables, and food with high water content is crucial. For the rest, one can eat as much as he or she needs for satiation. Though the diet does not accentuate physical exercises, they are beneficial in general and enhance the effect of the diet. Barbara Rolls, the developer of volumetrics, recommends a 30-minute walk every day — the minimum physical load to speed up losing calories (Haupt, 2015).

Due to the reduction of fat, volumetrics prevents the development of diabetes and is healthy for the heart. Additionally, training to make right food choices and control the amount of food guarantees a long-lasting effect. One can eat almost everything and as much as needed, therefore, the diet does not limit or exclude nutrients. It does not provoke anorexia or other digestive disorder. As the point of this diet is satiation, there is no need to reduce the number of meals. One can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and two snacks a day. The secret is to choose right food. Volumetrics is safe, provides all necessary vitamins and minerals, and meets the dietary guidelines (Haupt, 2015).

Volumetrics is an easy-to-follow diet. Categorization of foodstuffs is easy; with some experience, it can be done intuitively. Actually, it is a philosophy rather than diet. Besides, only a limited group of foodstuffs is excluded. Therefore, in most cases, one can find a low-density alternative. The diet does not cause inconvenience. An individual can eat out on condition of following general guidelines. However, consuming timesavers are undesirable. The best and the safest way is to cook for oneself. It is nourishing enough, and the volume creates the sensation of fullness. Volumetrics cookbooks provide a great number of recipes. There is no need to learn them by heart as they just give a good idea of what is healthy (Haupt, 2015).

Therefore, volumetrics is an efficient and safe alternative to many diets. Probably, its secret lies in its simplicity, as it is the acceptable, economic, and easy-to-follow approach. At the same time, these features can repel the admirers of fad diets and those who search for a miraculous and fast solution. However, it secures weight loss and preventive health effect and has an overall beneficial influence on the organism. That makes volumetrics one of the most popular diets.

Buy custom Diet Trends: Volumetrics essay

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