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Addiction in Adolescence

Buy custom Addiction in Adolescence essay

Buy custom Addiction in Adolescence essay

Addiction as a disease in the broadest sense of the word is a need for any changes in the subjective inner space of consciousness, as well as the specific needs of the individual. These requirements may not be satisfied by any drug, but only a narcotic substance that has certain psychopharmacological properties. There are many reasons for the development of drug addiction. The family plays an important role in forming personality and, thus, its predisposition to risk behaviors. Modern society's views on education, tolerance for child abuse and neglect by parents have been formed relatively recently. Abuse in the family is one of the formative factors of the development of addiction, which has disastrous effects on the developing brain of an adolescent.

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The basic factor in the development of drug dependence is alcoholism or drug addiction of one of the parents, domestic violence, the presence of a sick or unhealthy certain rules of conduct. The communication with people, who cannot help a child but even abuse him or her, provides difficulties in the future development. As a result, a man feels emptiness, and then dependence (addiction, alcoholism). One of the ways to escape from problems is a narcotic mean, by which a man can dive into the world of dreams, feel a sense of elation.

Narcotic drugs are chemicals. Their effects are manifested in the human rain. They fall into the communication system of the body and interfere with the normal processes of receiving, processing, and sending of data. Drugs have extremely damaging effects on the brain and the ability to think. They pose the incredible danger by altering brain activity of an adolescent, adversely affecting the entire normal life cycle. As a result, due to the use of drugs, an adolescent loses the ability to be himself, free and happy.

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The risk of development of addiction is related to spiritual development. A number of studies report that high levels of spirituality are related to a lower level of risky behaviors in youth. A national U.S. study found that young people, who considered religion as a significant part of their life, showed less probability of being involved in various risk behaviors (Chamratrithirong 2010, p.1856).

The news on drug addiction should be broadcasted in different regions in order to raise the issue and push authorities to find the ways out. Thus, there is a great concern in New York local news on the issue of rising death rate as a result of drug overdose. According to recent surveys, “in 2012, there were 1,848 deaths from drug overdose throughout the State, an annual increase of 197 (11.9%) from 2008” (Stewart-Cousins, n.d.). It is very important to provide such news in order to force people to understand the problem thaat is not so far from their homes.

According to Utah Addiction Center (2014), young people between 18 and 25 years are at the highest risk of using drugs. The age of beginning taking drugs plays a crucial role of further development of drug addiction. Boys are more likely to use drugs. Young people struggle with many problems of social integration, with the desire for recognition of their unique features, the inevitable choice of profession, love, sense of aggression, and sexuality. An obligatory thing in this period of life is the search for ways to adaptability. If they do not find it, then they will experience depression and frustration. A young person looks for a new medium of depression and fear, and, eventually, comes to heroin. Most often, this is how the path of youth drug addiction looks.

The family plays a primary role in the development of personality. Young people need a healthy spiritual development to avoid various risk behaviors in their future. However, very often they face abuse in their families. This fact has an inevitable effect on children’s mind and mental development. Abuse can be considered as a factor in the development of addiction. As the study shows, young people are mostly prone to use drugs. It is very important to discuss the problem of addiction among adolescents in order to attract attention to it and force people to make necessary reforms.

Buy custom Addiction in Adolescence essay

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