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Alternative Medicine

Buy custom Alternative Medicine essay

Buy custom Alternative Medicine essay

1) Does the summary meet the basic requirements of summary writing listed in the Rules for summary guide? If so, list a specific reason why this is a strong summary. If not, list why this summary could benefit from revision.

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The summary of the article meets the basic elements of summary. First, the summary includes the title as well as the author of the article under review in the first sentence. After careful reading of the summary the main ideas of the article have been summarized without omitting the most important points discussed in the main article. In the summary there is usage of direct quotes which indicates the main ideas of the article. This is an indication that the author did take nto account this basic feature of coming up with a summary of an item. The summary has avoided in most cases summarizing particular events or examples given in the article. Finally, I believe that the summary has met the basic summary features by reporting the main issues discussed in the article objectively.

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I believe the summary is a strong one given that it has met the criteria of a good summary. A strong summary must be able to meet the guidelines as well as the rules set for summary. One of the main reasons that make it a strong summary is that it has been able to summarize the main ideas of the article objectively in a way that the reader can understand clearly the subject being discussed in the main article.

2) Do you agree that this is an academic argument? Why, or why not? If so, is it compelling enough for you to want to write about? Why, or why not?

I agree with the author that this argument is academic. The argument addresses some important academic issues of human health and safety. The article provides an argument that is based on evidence and reasoning making it an academic article. Any academic argument should be based on logics and evidence and this article has met these conditions and thus qualifies as an academic argument. I would be interest in carrying further study on the argument given concerning alternative medicines so that I can provide concrete research paper that discusses the subject in depth.

Buy custom Alternative Medicine essay

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