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Classroom Management

Buy custom Classroom Management essay

Buy custom Classroom Management essay

It is the wish of every teacher to produce successive students, who can compete favorably in the society. This can only be achieved through professionalism and sound ethics. Students tend to ape the behaviors of their teachers. This is because they spend most of their time with the teacher than their own parents. Teachers must be exemplary role models to these innocent children who look upon them for everything. Ethics determine how the teacher relates to his/her students. Teenage students often complain about sexual harassment from their teachers. They allege that teachers ask for sexual favors so that they can e4nable them pass their exams. This behavior is not only harmful to the students, but to the careers of the teacher as well. Professionalism is the only solution that can address this issue of teacher ethics (Marsh, 2008). Teachers are called upon to conduct their duties professionally, so that these issues can not arise. Professionalism means that the teacher has the mandate of educating the students but not instill unhealthy habits like immorality into them.

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The 21st century teacher should understand classroom management because students are more informed than previously thought, and thus heir behaviors are also changing. Experts argue that the rate at which students misbehave in class has skyrocketed. Barrie Bennet in his book “Classroom Management” offers some solutions to these unbecoming behaviors by the students. Naughty students might make a teacher feel miserable while in class. By integrating the ten bumps as proposed by Bennet in class, teachers would be able tame disturbing students. Bennet (1994) proposes that teachers should ask their students to behave with the repercussion of punishment if they fail to do so. The teacher can decide to ignore the misbehavior although this approach might have serious consequences later. When the misbehaving persists, the teacher should stop talking, turn back to the student or students and ask them to stop bickering; teachers are advised to end this gesture with a thank you (Bennet, 1994).

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Gone are the days when teachers did all the work, it is high time that teachers take their students as learning partners. This will develop a positive classroom environment; something that is essential in the teaching profession. Motivated students tend to be successful in their studies and to achieve this, a positive classroom environment must be present. When outlining the couurse outline; the teacher should ask the student to think about what they want to achieve by the end of the course. It is obvious that students have goals of their own, and by creating a positive class environment; these goals will be revealed.

Learning is a continuous process and therefore, teachers should take a developmental learning approach when dealing with their students. This approach will only be successful if the teacher understands academic needs of individual students in his/her class. Statistics show that readiness for learning begins at home. It is hard for a teacher to understand what might be going on behind the scenes, more so, regarding family issues. Teachers should therefore integrate families as real partners in the education of the students; this will go a long way in enhancing developmental learning.

In conclusion, teaching methods have changed immensely over the years. The days when a teacher would just stand in front of the classroom and talk over and over are long gone. Technology has simplified this profession; which many perceived as being ambiguous. Teachers can simplify their work by embracing the Internet because that’s what defines the 21st century teacher.

Buy custom Classroom Management essay

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