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Communication Skills

Buy custom Communication Skills essay

Buy custom Communication Skills essay

Communication skills are important for language development in children. At an elementary level children are taught to read and write. This learning is made efficient through interaction by children of the same age. Since written language bases of spoken language the two keeps interacting as the child continues to grow. The interaction between the two is important since this is the time when both written and spoken language tends to built on one another during the interaction which in turn improves literacy as well as language. When a child has a communication impairment their education is affected negatively though the child maybe naturally bright. This occurs due to poor expression as a result of communication difficulties (Leonard, 2000).

Research has been carried by different and many organizations to determine the effectives of the treatment of specific language impairments. The aspects which have been critically analyzed during the research are the ability for a child to comprehend language as well as language production. The retrospective study carried out to about thirty one students who initially had language impairment within a period of two years revealed that there was significant improvement in language functioning as well as the oral language speech. There was a marked improvement on the IQ for both the non verbal as well a language comprehension. When this research was carried out to both the children with and without impairments there was marked improvement in the children with language problem than those without the disorder. It’s clear that both verbal and non verbal developments can be enhanced in children at an early age through language interventions. The benefits accrued by children with specific language impairment vary from those accrued by the children with cognitive complications. For this reason children who exhibits cognitive delays will benefit more if they are taken to special schools in order for them to access special education whereas those with specific language impairments greatly benefits from speech therapies (Leonard, 2000).

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Through speech therapy a child may learn to communicate better with other children therefore being in a position to solve the issues and challenges coming his way. Communication impairments deprives the child the pride that comes a long with proper communication and that is the reason why most of the children with this disorder are lacking in confidence when compared with other normal children. For example children who often stutter live a life of isolation therefore therapy can be of great importance in boosting the child’s self esteem as well as confidence. As a result the child is able to participate fully in social activities of his age. Children with disorder of the speech usually have difficulties in sound production whereas those with language impairment experiences hardships in joining and understanding words. Assessment of parent based interventions revealed improved development in vocabulary by the toddlers of about twenty three to thirty three months. This was achieved by randomly assigning children with either the control or the treatment if not delayed treatment. The results obtained from this research revealed a marked difference in the three groups of treatment administered. There was a difference in linguistic skills of the child as well as the behavior which the child develops as a result of interacting with the mother (Bishop and Leonard, 2005).

Communication is the basis of human existence therefore the rightful skills are necessary for effective communication. For this reason children who fail to develop the ability to communicate or rather develop their language poorly maybe having a language impairment disorder. Diagnosis of this communication disorders are achieved through tests as well as assessments and this disorder can be successfully treated by having an interactive therapy of speech. In the United States about a million kindergarten students are under medication as a result of language impairment in every year. In most cases the therapy is conducted by a speech therapy who is usually employed by the school. This has helped many children achieve their dreams by being helped to communicate audibly and effectively. Through this culture children have been able to improve greatly in oral motor skills as well as production of speech (Snow and Wackym 869).

Buy custom Communication Skills essay

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