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CRT Televisions

Buy custom CRT Televisions essay

Buy custom CRT Televisions essay

The cathode ray tube (CRT) television utilizes a cathode ray tube to project pictures onto a fluorescent screen. This fluorescent screen is bombarded by an electron beam that is generated by using the principles of electron emission. The electron beam is directed to the appropriate point on the screen by use of guiding copper coils wound around a ferrite core at the tip of the cathode ray tube. These wound copper coils form what is known as an inductor. Inductors convert electrical energy into stored magnetic energy and they have the propensity to form oscillating circuits that can resonate at various frequencies depending on the circumstances. The resonant frequency of a circuit having inductors and capacitors is generally given by the equation                    

Where ω is the angular frequency in radians per second, f the oscillating frequency in hertz while L and C are the values of the inductor and capacitor used respectively. When the screen is bombarded by this beam of electrons the result is a moving or stationary picture depending on the input. The process is repeated thus creating the frames of the television picture. Color televisions employ three different electron beams and the inner side of the screen is coated with phosphor. Upon the electrons striking the screen, green, red and blue light are emitted and it is the combination of these primary colors that constitute the television picture dolor as seen by the viewer. The deflection of the electron beam which traces an image on the screen is made possible by using Lorrentz force law equation

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where F is the force on the charged particle which are the individual electrons constituting the electron beam, q is the charge on the particle and B is the existing  magnetic  field. Cathode ray tube television sets have been around since the mid 20th century and has been a great source of entertainment. None the less cathode ray tube televisions are heavy, bulky and cannot be viewed from all angles. The current screen size is also limited in the size that can be manufactured.

As a cathode ray tube gets older, the output from the green gun of the tube becomes more pronounced than the output from the red and blue guns. The result is the television developing a green hue or showing certain dark areas. The dark grey areas of the television screen are actually at the pinch off points of the tube and the screen can no longer be fluorescent. With time this problem can develop into quite a nuisance especially in the gray areas. The solution is usually to adjust the television gray scale with the color control set to zero. Gray scale tracking and precise setting needs one to have sensitive and accurate temperature detectors to measure the color guns output levels. Typical television color temperature is set at about 6500K that is degrees Kelvin.

Buy custom CRT Televisions essay

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