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Disposal of Nuclear Waste

Buy custom Disposal of Nuclear Waste essay

Buy custom Disposal of Nuclear Waste essay

Radioactive nuclear waste materials which are in the form of gas, liquid or solid form can remain radioactive for only a few hours, several months or many years. Because of its hazardous nature, it is important to dispose the nuclear wastes in suitable facilities that safeguards the human health and minimizes the impact of the waste on the environment. An article, Taking a Fresh Look at Nuclear Waste, published In the New York Times on 28th February 2013 discusses on the issue of nuclear waste disposal and the challenges the United States is facing on its nuclear waste disposal.

According to the article, the technical characteristic of the nuclear waste makes its disposal difficult. However, Wald notes that people have lost confidence with the government and the various institutions concerned with the issue of nuclear waste disposal. In addition, the various states in America do not allow disposal sites to be located their vicinity. Politics has also contributed to the challenge in nuclear waste disposal. For instance, there was a plan to build a nuclear waste disposal site at Yucca Mountain in the Nevada desert; however, the Obama administration killed the plan.

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According to the article, a good nuclear waste disposal site should be well tested to ensure there is no significant radioactive material is being released to the surroundings. The disposal of nuclear waste is not only a complex issue due to the nature of the waste, but also due regulations by various regulatory structures that deals with radioactive waste. For instance, the site is required to be licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).  Other regulatory entities include the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Transportation Department.

The identification of disposal sites involves some considerations. For instance, according to the article the interaction of the waste and the surrounding materials, both chemically and mechanically, should be considered. Predictions of climatic transformation of a repository site over thousands of years should be done. In addition, the behavior of the waste over thousands of years should be predicted. In conclusion, in order to increase public confidence in government entities, full scientific review should be employed in identifying a plausible nuclear waste disposal site. 

Buy custom Disposal of Nuclear Waste essay

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