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Ethical Issues with California and the Tobacco Settlement

Buy custom Ethical Issues with California and the Tobacco Settlement essay

Buy custom Ethical Issues with California and the Tobacco Settlement essay

Although harmful effects of tobacco smoking are widely disseminated in the mass media and research studies on health-related risks of smoking that have been conducted since the early 1940s, the tobacco industry is steadily developing. Cardiovascular disorders, pulmonary diseases, different forms of cancer, deteriorated physiological abilities, and even accelerated ageing are frequently induced by tobacco smoking and second hand smoke. Thus, in order to reduce the growing rates of smoking-associated diseases and prevent fatal casualties, the tobacco companies must perform their business operations in accordance with ethical standards and official regulations.

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All business activities of the Tobacco Settlement, such as advertising, promotion, marketing, and distribution, are performed in conformity regulations developed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Nevertheless, numerous legal claims and litigation caused by tobacco smoking testify the violation of official guidelines and ethical principles. Therefore, today, politicians, researchers, educators, health care providers, empowered officials, and diverse social organizations develop and implement strategies in order to diminish smoking addiction.

Approaches to establish equilibrium between ethical and unethical business activities should take into consideration losses and benefits of everyone involved in these processes. Ethics is the branch of philosophy inextricably linked with established moral principles of the society. Business ethics should be based on honesty, openness, fidelity to obligations, and abilities to function in accordance with legislative norms, established rules, and moral standards. All professionals involved in the tobacco industry should adhere to social and legal norms developed by governments and public policy makers.

Buy custom Ethical Issues with California and the Tobacco Settlement essay

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