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Ethics Committee Meeting

Buy custom Ethics Committee Meeting essay

Buy custom Ethics Committee Meeting essay

Did the medical team do there best for Mrs. Jones?
Yes they did, they tried everything possible and even resuscitating her but it was in vain.
Is the hospital at fault for losing Mrs. Jones?
Not at all, hospitals are meant to cure illnesses, yes, but there are other situations which are beyond the hospital.
What exactly happened in the treatment room that saw Mrs. Jones on the floor minutes after going in?
She got a cardiac arrest that was so strong and due to her weak state sent her to the floor without any warning.
To what degree was her cardiac arrest?
Her cardiac arrest was fatal that made her breathing organs to be weak that she needed help breathing hence an immediate action to take her to the ICU.
Did her lack to breath normally ignore or attended?
Her inability to breathe normally was attended to as we tried to determine the causes so as we could cure her and regain her breathing abilities once again.
What did the case of Mrs. Jones mean to those who were involved?
The practioners involved in her case understood and believed in quality of life
What was Mrs. Jones Prognosis?
Her case was a difficult one and her prognosis was certain that she needed a ventilator for a long time, and due to the state she was in and the deteriorating state she was in, there was no hope.
Did you inform the family, especially the husband of what was going on regarding his wife?
Yes we did and we offered counseling and guidance for him but the state of confusion he was in deterred clear thinking and understanding.
Did you determine the causes of her rapid arising symptoms?
Our medical team was still working on that when she had multiple organ failure.
Were the medical procedures done on the patient right?
Yes they were but what is right does not make a decision morally right hence the suit.
Did the medical team inform the family of the underlying situation? Yes, they did.
What was their reaction? The husband did not take it lightly and was mad at the hospital on how we let that happen to his wife.
Did he finally come to and understand what was going on? Not really since he seemed detached from this world.
Did you offer counseling to the family? No, we thought they didn’t need it at the moment, but looking back maybe we should have to avoid the pending law suits.
Have you ever treated such a case?
Not in the recent past, she had multiple rapid symptoms that we have never seen before.
Was the hospital well equipped to handle her case?
Yes it was, we have the best facilities around and although we have limited specialists, we made sure she never lacked attention.
What are you planning to do about such scenarios in the future?
Due to the rising cases regarding ethics in our practice, we have taken it upon ourselves to educate any new patients and their families on what happens during the treatment so as they can be aware of what is going on and incase of death, they can be satisfied of the effort that was put forward.
What other issues if any that need urgent attention?
We as a medical team have decided to always be to notch when it comes to research and technology to enable us save more lives from complicated related ailments.
Aren’t there any policies relating to research and technology in the hospital?
There are but we want to be more equipped since the world is presenting more peculiar cases every now and then.
Any final words to the committee?
Mrs. Jones presented peculiar symptoms and we teamed up to research and come up with the best regimes for her treatment. She had the best of the best Medical team.

Buy custom Ethics Committee Meeting essay

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