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Buy custom Ethiopia essay

Buy custom Ethiopia essay

I come from Ethiopia where my father was persecuted for his opposition to the ruling party. As we run away we had than three hours to board a plane. We only managed to take a few of our possessions as we escaped the government sentence. I still have many memories that I left behind about the country.

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I have a strong desire to become a Pharmacist. This is a desire I developed since I was young. My interest was enhanced because my mother passed away when I was thirteen due to malpractice which are common in my country.  This enhanced my interest in health issues. I would like to undertake pharmacy so that I can help people have knowledge on the drugs that they take. I would assist the patients by explaining to the benefits drugs recommended by the doctor would help improve their health and their side effects. I would also like to engage fully in a meaningful career. The significant part of my career is care for other people and also contributing to the betterment of their welfare. This desire increase when I visit a pharmacy and receive consultations about medication from a pharmacist. Pharmacists give patients a sense of hope. This also makes the patients have trust that they are treated as individuals.

My prepharmacy courses have made me have knowledge about life and health at different levels. It has been fascinating to me to learn the biological and chemical make up of the human body and the physiological processes that go inside the body. I am interested to learn about different medicines and their interactions within the system of the body. Working as a pharmacist will help me to put my education into practice. This is a career that will give my life meaning and satisfaction. I am sure that I will be able to succeed in my studies because my potential to excel has always been realized in my life academically.

Buy custom Ethiopia essay

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