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Europe Goes Nuclear

Buy custom Europe Goes Nuclear essay

Buy custom Europe Goes Nuclear essay

Written, produced and distributed by Jonathan Holmes in 1989, the epic film “Europe Goes Nuclear” explores and brings out the intensification and development of nuclear weapons in the European defense system in the period between the late 1940s and the late 60s. The one-hour-long film is the fourth of a thirteen-part series that gives a summarized history of nuclear weapons creation and the spread of the same within Europe.

With a chronological sequence, the film highlights the key points including major differences in motivating factors, goals, foreign policy and geopolitical interests. During the 1950s, the United States of America’s superiority in nuclear manufacture and development compared to the Western European’s weakness of the same and poor defense system against the Soviet Union incited the United States entry to war in Europe to fight against the Soviet Union. France and Great Britain then became a part of the ranks of nuclear countries in the NATO front, that is, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. France, Britain, West Germany and the United States of America joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in a bid to deter the Soviet Union’s rapid growth and development while stepping up defense against the use of nuclear weapons.

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In the case of Britain, the nuclear armament was just a way to strengthen the bond between it and the United States of America. On the other hand, France’s effort to manufacture nuclear weapons had the opposite result as compared to Britain’s intentions. France ended up withdrawing from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in 1966, and then two years later its own nuclear bomb exploded. The newly rearmed Germany and the Western Allies largely depended (for their own defense) on the large numbers of strategic nuclear warheads the United States had set up in the European war front. The U.S., on the other hand, was starting to move its military tactic and had an intention to trim down its reliance on atomic military hardware in Europe which was already full of nuclear development even though the European allies insisted on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s stance to employ nuclear weapons where necessary.

This film is of the opinion that America joined the nuclear war and the arms race for political and superiority reasons. Nuclear weapons accumulation and control of regional powers after the Second World War is the main issue in this film, and the implications of the above are clearly illustrated.

Buy custom Europe Goes Nuclear essay

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