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Green Auditing In Egypt

Buy custom Green Auditing In Egypt essay

Buy custom Green Auditing In Egypt essay

Green auditing is a scientific concept connected with survey organizations or even individual companies carrying out a detailed assessment of their enterprise in terms of the impact it has on the surrounding environment. Over a decade now there has been a massive campaign towards creating a green environment, and Egypt has not been left out: there has been an increased attention towards green audits by government agencies, academic organizations and companies. Moreover, this new development of green auditing precisely fits a range of social trends in business aimed at shifting stakeholder prospect and a mounting focus on environmental effects of the country’s private sector. The government together with numerous state-owned and private institutions has enacted certain policies to ensure that the environment is preserved (Vinten, 1993).

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Questions put to the general public during the survey period are very useful in gauging the viability of the project and most importantly helps in getting first-hand information regarding the organization’s operations. In 1990s, the green audit organization was established with the sole aim of offering environmental consultancy and monitoring the performances of institutions and companies whose activities may pose a threat to the general public’s health (Green Audit, n.d.).

Through the green auditing project, one is able to note that it is actually feasible as a result of wholesome support and dedication of the Egyptian organizations together with the government since all of them are fighting for a greener and safer country. Moreover, the implementation of information technology along with qualitative approach towards the research forms a strong basis for obtaining a successful report. Green auditing is vital for any economy to grow, and since the country is fully dedicated to promoting corporate social responsibility in the public and private sector, it will definitely have a bright future in terms of economic development (Shrivastava, 2003).

Buy custom Green Auditing In Egypt essay

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