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Journalism – FIFA

Buy custom Journalism – FIFA essay

Buy custom Journalism – FIFA essay

On the 20th and 21st of October this year, The New York Times carried a couple of stories about FIFA consecutively. Both stories in some way relate to the corruption scandals that were reported in FIFA some few months ago and the upcoming elections. According to the story that was published on the 20th, Michel Platini has been declared unfit to vie for the FIFA presidency. His ineligibility follows a ninety days suspension after being alleged to be involved in corruption (Mather, 2015). According to the article that was published on the 21st, FIFA has confirmed investigations of its officials, both the current and previous ones following a revelation of increased instances of corruption (Das, 2015). Both of these stories have an adverse effect on the image of world football.

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FIFA is the world football regulating body and any negative information concerning it has a considerable impact on the footballers across the globe. The New York Times reported that officials currently serve in the body and others who ever served were being investigated for corruption. Some of these officials include the current and a long-time FIFA president Sepp Blatter, the head of European Soccer governing body (UEFA) Michel Platini, Franz Beckenbauer, who worked at FIFA's executive committee, Angel Maria, who is the FIFA senior vice president and who holds some acting position at UEFA, JeromeValcke, who is FIFA's top administrator among others (Das, 2015). A confirmation of charges against this entire high-ranked group of officials and a disclosure of the specific corruption scandals they participated in leave the ordinary footballer and the regional football bodies with less trust in FIFA.

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The motivation for playing football among footballers will decrease because of the reported scandal. An example is the case of Beckenbauer and Villar, though FIFA did not clearly state what the two were involved in; media reports claim that they engaged in the fraudulent bidding for world cups. Regional football bodies and ordinary football teams will feel that the money that they remit to FIFA is being misused. They will also be likely to feel that the world cups that they take part in are not of quality. In general, they will lack the urge to continue competing for the cups, and, as a result, football as a game will be affected.

Additionally, The New York Times also reported on the declaration of FIFA that Platini is unfit to vie for the organization's presidency. Platini and Blatter were involved in what has been called "disloyal payment" of $ 2 million (Mather, 2015). As a result, Platini has received a 90-day suspension. That is why he cannot vie for the presidency unless the suspension period expires. Football lovers have again been hit hard by the news. Platiini, who is the head of UEFA, is considered by many as the most suitable candidate for FIFA presidency. A majority of the footballers feel that he has enough experience, both at his position at UEFA and while he was at FIFA. The news will demoralize Platini’s supporters, and most of them will be likely to quit football or reduce their concentration on football.

The turn of events and the disclosure of some of the FIFA secrets have affected the way of operation. There is much pressure put on Swiss authorities to deal with the matter and prosecute those found corrupt; some portion of the pressure is from the United States of America, which has been reported to hold several joint meetings with Swiss Criminal Investigators. With the Swiss authorities confirming that they had opened criminal investigations of FIFA's president, the body is under significant political influence, for example, with its documents and operations been under keen scrutiny (Das, 2015). The workflow at FIFA has also been altered, for example, the meeting that happened in Zurich was initially scheduled for Japan. The movement of FIFA officials has also been affected.

In a nutshell, the unfolding at FIFA has reduced trust of world footballers. They have questioned the mandate of FIFA's ethics committee and its immunity. The news will make the work of the next FIFA administration tough.

Buy custom Journalism – FIFA essay

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