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Louisville Ky

Buy custom Louisville Ky essay

Buy custom Louisville Ky essay

I was born and raised in the west end of Louisville Ky. Having been raised in an area where close interactions were being experienced between people, my parents were extraordinarily careful on our upbringing. My home was one of the most beautiful homes. Growing up in my home was fun and we lived a happy life.  We had three bedroom house two bathrooms which my parents called a starter home and that is, where we grew up for the better part of my middle school.. My parent built a new house built in my later years where we moved in. it was a much better area because it was near town. My mom and dad worked a lot in two different jobs. However, they still saved time for fun, which they shared with us as we lived together as a happy family. For dad, he was in the military and worked as a manager of movie within the military base. My mom on the other hand worked in factory and also owned a hair salon.

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However, one thing that I did not like was that dad was not always around for us as much as I would have like. Nevertheless, I came to understand later why it was so. My brother who was about 8years older didn’t live with us but he lived with my dad’s sister Judy. However, when he came, we always loved to play basket ball together. What I treasure as the best memories is the one we spent time with my entire family. We had gone on a familyvacation and were enjoying engaging in fun activities as a united family. 

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I also happen to remember one great family vacation we took to California where we went to visit my mom’s oldest sister and her family. What makes me smile always is the fact that mom was fixated to flying and we had to take a bus all the way. It was enjoyable taking a trip with Trail ways   a company that was excellent then though it is no longer around. A notable issue was my dad’s absence because by the time we were to start the trip he was called on duty. However, all was not lost because Aunt Wanda took his place. It was a long 3day ride from Louisville to Lakewood California that had lots of fun that I will never forget. One notable thing was that the bus broke down in the middle of dessert and we had to wait for another bus to come and get us. However, after three long days we made it.

My parent relationship was quite good especially when they were both around. However, mum also felt like me as if dad was not a part of us for a long period as her wish. My dad was the sole provider and he utterly made sure that everything was paid and all we needed was met. My family was not well endowed financially because the earnings from mom were little. My family, therefore, faced a monumental challenge because we had to depend solely on Dad&rsquoo;s earnings for all our basic needs. It was certainly a hustle for Dad as he had to provide for the family. For mom, she was around most of the time and she had to do most of the disciplining for her children. What I recall her as being very careful was a time when she was warming to stop riding my bike off the block. I recall getting into big trouble having ignored her and did the same and I faced the consequences. She made sure that I never rode my bike for the rest of the summer just to make sure I was disciplined enough.

I envy my mother for one thing, being kind hearted and this is something I have taken after her. In everything I do, I always work hard to be like my parents and lead a close life to theirs because I feel it’s the best. It is a sad ending that my mom passed away this year. Even with all that I admire in her, I really feel I should have done something different from her. I wish I could have adopted a grandchild for her as she always wanted. I also respect our parents for having raised us in a diligent way that no one was spoon fed. Especially from our father, he showed us that we were mandated to work, and no lazy did would be appreciated within the family. Our parents ensured that discipline was critical to all the children, and this was extremely strict in practice within the family. Not a single case of indiscipline was left unresolved. 

Buy custom Louisville Ky essay

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