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Men's Role in the Society

Buy custom Men's Role in the Society essay

Buy custom Men's Role in the Society essay

Gender roles have dramatically changed from the times of our grandfathers. Today, the tough, masculine and physical man is on decline. Man has started to live to woman’s expectation, unlike the ‘woman ruler’ witnessed in the past. The changes in technological system has transformed man’s role in the society too. The masculine man is no longer needed in the factories and farms. Men take care of children, clean rooms, cook, tender gardens, and visit beautification shops. They share jobs with women in the military; they are office secretaries and board managers. Men have come to realize that women are more stable economically. As a result, the breadwinner role is ebbing out. Since women have realized that they can file divorces and live independently, men have started to live to their wives expectation. Men modestly groom to satisfying their women’s desire. With time, men will occupy the position of women in the past. A model man today is one who balances his family duties and office work. Contrary, in the past house chores were woman duty.

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Scott’s child experience makes him have a different perspective of men to women he meets. Scott even feels remorseful in college when women hate him for his status. In his society, apart from his father, men carried out hard physical labor. Men had deranged appearance from hard work. Men in the society were mostly welders, carpenters, engineers, soldier, steel workers, and carpenters. He noticed that due to hard work, most of these people were ailing. They coughed a lot and had back problems.  Scott envied women in the society. The women had a very easy life. They stayed at home, shopped and had leisure walks.

He find it had to be envied by women in college, he says, “When the women I met at college thought about the joys and privileges of men, they did not carry in their minds the sort of men I had known in my childhood” (p.349). It was in the college that Scott realized that the role of men was seen differently among women. In the college he sees men and women of different professions unlike those at his home.

Buy custom Men's Role in the Society essay

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