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Among Our Concepts - the Concept of Morality is the Main

Buy custom Among Our Concepts - the Concept of Morality is the Main essay

Buy custom Among Our Concepts - the Concept of Morality is the Main essay

Throughout the entire life, a human is driven by the morality, which determines all his or her actions. We all know a lot of heroes and typically consider those people deserve moral praise. However, if we reveal the fact that heroic act was done to get money, be praised, or even happened accidentally, our sense of respect vanishes. We do not admire people whose intentions have improper motives; we appreciate those who act according to our moral values.

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Alike situation can be observed in the film “Gone Baby Gone”, the main hero of which was caught in a tough situation. Thirty-one year old private detective Patrick Kenzie works on the case of abduction of four-year -old Amanda McCready. The investigation reveals that she was kidnapped by the police officer who did not have bad intentions, but wanted to provide her with a better life than she could have living with a drug addict mother. Therefore, the main hero has to face the choice, which will affect the future life of another person. To my mind, Patrick has made a right decision having returned the girl to her mother, because he was led by Kantian universal law which claims (in his situation) that every child should live with his or her mother no matter when she is affectionate or a carefree parent. Immanuel Kant deems that moral values are based on the person’s rationality which he calls “Categorical Imperative” (CI).  Moreover, immorality is the infraction of CI and is thereby irrational. Subsequently, the person is considered to be moral if he or she has good intentions, no matter what are the consequences - good or bad. Kant says we have to follow CI because contradiction to it is not a morally inspired action. However, what if the action is simply based on the care about the member of a family? Kant assumes that the act of caring itself is not the one of a moral motive. Although, Amanda is not his relative, he has to decide either to counter the Categorical Imperative or to act in accordance with his rationality and provide her welfare. According to Kant, the law should be binding, which means it should apply to everyone and everything. Action done in respect of the moral law is a morally good action, simply because it is a moral law. Moreover, the actions which do not correspond to the moral law should are not accepted. Another question is duty. Kant’s theory claims that the duty is the only moral motive and the person should not use another person’s help to attain one’s goal, because he thinks the morality requires respect for all human beings.

To conclude, I think Patrick acted in accordance with his moral values. Therefore, according to Kant he is a moral person. He thinks it is his duty to follow CI, and in this way he creates his own universal law, which can be spread to everybody.  This, indeed, is the essence of the universal law and theory of morality.

Buy custom Among Our Concepts - the Concept of Morality is the Main essay

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