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Death Penalty

Buy custom Death Penalty essay

Buy custom Death Penalty essay

Every single person on earth deserves to live, but not everyone is ready to devote his or her life for the sake of a mankind. There have always been rebellions that rise against the system and commit ignominious actions like murder or rape.

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 Kant says that the only thing that can be considered good is the good will which is performed according to the moral law. Furthermore, he deems that the person is moral in case when he or she has good intentions, no matter what are the consequences of their actions. Subsequently, those people who act against the moral law or Categorical Imperative (CI) are not considered as moral people. Their intentions are against society and it is only God, who has the right to take their lives.  I can partly agree with Kant’s moral theory. I presume that a murderer (mass, serial, or single) should be sentenced to the capital punishment only in case of mental disease and if his or her intentions and motives were sordid. If a person does something against the sense of duty or because of some other factors influencing him or her, and if these actions are done according to hypothetical imperative, they cannot be accepted as those that are morally worthy. Therefore, people whose actions are not accepted by Categorical Imperative or moral laws do not deserve to be the part of the society, and society is not supposed to cater for them. If, according to Kant, the actions which do not correspond to the moral law should not be accepted, people who are in charge of these actions should not be accepted too. It can also reduce the expenses on those who are jailed for life. While paying our taxes, we pay for criminals so that they get everything needed for life, which they do not deserve. Moreover, if people are afraid of being executed, they will be afraid to break the law and it can prevent potential criminals from committing a felony. To my mind, these people lost their chance to live having taken lives of others and committing deeds against God's will.

Buy custom Death Penalty essay

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