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The Death Penalties

Buy custom The Death Penalties essay

Buy custom The Death Penalties essay

Megivern (2006) reiterates that an understanding that crime offenders are human beings and real people with life and the capability to feel pain should be instilled on those who practice the act. They also have fear and wouldn’t want to loose their loved ones; they also have other emotions and are subject to any other feelings one can go through. For someone who has committed murder, it may be argued that they should be subjected to executions for a young man or woman of about 18, 19 or so years apprehended for drug trafficking being hanged or shot to death as it is the case in China and Singapore is very unfair.  The rule of law has to be administered indiscriminatively and all states should harmonize their laws concerning the same.

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The death penalties are also not administered justly and fairly by some states and nations. In the United States of America, there are many concerns over the manner in which it is practiced. It has been established that a prisoner on death penalty can stay for many years like more than ten while waiting for the appeals outcome (Megivern, 2006). Fro the wealthy and especially the whites, the probability of escaping death sentence is very high as compared to the poor and/or black regardless of the real crimes they have made, some of which may long have been forgotten by the time appeals are over. It is therefore unfairly administered on racial grounds.

To some up this whole debate, it is better if alternative forms of punishment have to be enforced instead of capital punishment. The punishment has to be fair, adequate, just and most particularly enforceable. This way most of people can get to the justice they deserve.

Buy custom The Death Penalties essay

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