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An Introduction to Policing

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Every organizational setting should have a leader to function properly. A leader is an individual charged with the responsibility of giving directions to other team players to ensure that the organization attains the set objectives. Also, assembling a good team after developing a workable business idea is the first step to creating a successful business. Managers and supervisors are the leaders at all places of work. They are the ones who direct and oversee that work is done in the appropriate way. The words “manage” and “supervise” are, therefore, analogous to the word “lead” because management and supervision both imply that there is an individual that directs others on the right path towards attaining particular long-term objectives. From my past experiences while working in several companies, the managers and supervisors took it upon themselves to direct the rest of the employees in their work. They offered assistance and encouraged us to work hard to realize the goals set by the company. They strived to create a favorable working environment for the rest of the team. The managers and supervisors also tried to motivate the staff so as to keep us focused on our designated tasks and responsibilities.

Honesty is necessary for managers and supervisors because they are responsible for a team of people hence the requirements to their personal qualities should be higher.  The team being led by an honest manager follows him/her since the business is a reflection of the owner. Honesty is an exemplary character; it earns the trust of the workers. A good leader is the one whose actions are consistent with his/her claims. By doing so, such a person earns the right to be responsible for others. Respect bears true authority and trust.

Confidence is a mandatory requirement for a good manager. Part of a leaders’ job is to copewith the challenges in a timely and quick manner and maintain the team spirit. The confidence levels should be high to assure the staff that things will be back to normal when there is the need. If a leader stays calm and confident, the team spirit among the staff goes back to normal. A team takes cues from their leader; the key aspect here should be to keep everyone working and focused on the set goal. Confidence towards the proposed objectives of a business motivates the team to perform better (Dempsey, 2008, p. 8). 

A good manager or supervisor must be committed to his or her work. A team will only work hard if it has an example to follow. Workers are motivated when they see their bosses working alongside them, indicating that hard work is highly estimated. A leader who proves his or her commitment to their role earns respect from their team.  A commitment should be shown not only for work at hand but also for promises given. Once a team gains confidence in their leader, they deliver quality work at peak amount. Commitment ensures that a leader keeps a reputation of not only working hard but also being a fair leader.

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A good manager is enthusiastic about their work as well as their role as the leader. A team responds more openly to a person who is dedicated and passionate. A leader needs to be a source of inspiration and a motivator towards the cause of a business.  Some decisions will not always be clear-cut. The leader will have to be passionate enough to dedicate time for the course. During critical times, the workers will look up to their leader for inspiration. The leader must be ready to utilize all options before making a decision.

Effective communication is what makes a leader succeed in steering the team forward. The leader knows what should be accomplished. Instructions should be clear and description of what is to be done given. Training of new teams and creating a productive environment for them depends on a healthy line of communication between leaders annd the employees.

The main responsibility of police officers is to maintain law and order. The definition of a good police officer depends on the perspective in which one looks at the issue. Some people may argue that a good police officer is the one who writes lots of tickets for various crimes committed. However, that is a skewed definition because such an officer is only concerned in dealing with a problem once it occurs. Instead, a good police officer is the one who is focused on problem-solving. Such an officer addresses the root of a problem before it happens. In this regard, the officer gives more warnings than citations and endeavors to build strong community relationships (Dempsey, 2008, p. 359). A good police officer should, therefore, possess good judgment abilities to solve a problem, compassion, ability to multi-task, demonstration of courage, and readiness to take responsibility, engage in teamwork and collaborate with others. These skills are gained through experience and exposure to the work environment. Gaining work experience helps a police officer understand the dynamics of the society and the surrounding work environment. 

Police officers must have the zeal to fight crimes. Crimes cause major problems to communities, which creates social unrest. When someone breaks the law, a police officer should make an arrest to provide a smooth investigation of the crime. However, officers should not be encouraged to always make arrests; sometimes they should try to solve misunderstandings by use of dialogue. There are some issues that can be solved without necessarily making arrests. For example, in cases involving domestic violence, a police officer can solve the problem by encouraging the couple or family to seek counseling advice from experts. It may help to end the problem completely when the couple receives counseling and seeks forgiveness from each other. In such situations, the officers should try to resolve problems without necessarily making an arrest.




Buy custom An Introduction to Policing essay

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