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Organizational Behavior

Buy custom Organizational Behavior essay

Buy custom Organizational Behavior essay

Chapter 1: Era of the Disposable Worker


The temporary employment relationships will impact negatively the employees’ attitudes. While many individuals occupying the decision making positions have been seeking to cut costs by retrenching their staff, the workers’ patience is running out.

Most organizations in major economies, including the US, have ostensibly laid off some of their employees. Recent research indicates that companies throughout the USA have reduced the number of new workers or volunteers who are being hired.  Making the personnel redundant has been taken as a short-term measure by many organizations to decrease their payroll costs. This, in turn, affects the employees’ performance. As a result, one may conclude that workers will show less commitment towards their jobs. Moreover, in the era of the disposable worker, organizations will be exposed to competitors because key talents will not be willing to perform their duties effectively and enthusiastically.


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The temporary employment relationships will also yield high levels of employee turnover. Employee retention mainly depends on the organization’s commitment as well as job satisfaction. Most workers feel that their employment is under threat due to the global recession that has taken a toll on organizations. Thus, most people leave the firms they work at.

Employees’ turnover has many cost implications, especially when key staff members are involved. Thus, in the “era of the disposable worker”, even more individuals will resign due to the lack of job security. Consequently, the organizations will end up losing their best talents.

Chapter 3: The Pursuit of Happiness: Flexibility

Job Performance

Every employee wants to enjoy the benefit of compensation as well payment for the extra job time taken. This makes them feel energized and eager to work harder.

Additionally, the individual feels protected and beleves he/she could count on the organization during their weakest moments as well as when they need the time off to relax from the daily routine of work. Undoubtedly, the increased job satisfaction from FWAs can make people sacrifice their time for the well being of the company.

Citizenship Behavior

Today, employees are loyal to those organizations that meet their needs. Companies that delight their workers by exceeding their expectations have a competitive advantage.

Satisfied employees pose several advantages to the firm. For instance, they talk positively about it and also remain loyal for a considerable period of time. Thus, flexibility in the workplace enhances citizenship behavior improving the group work, encouraging to avoid unnecessary conflicts and volunteer for extra job activities among others.


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Working all round the clock is not an attraction for many employees. There is a need to rest and enjoy life that should be catered for by the company.

The benefits make employees feel appreciated and cared for. They will, in turn, be loyal to the establishment in question, and potential workers will fight to join the lucky fraternity so as to have the same advantages. Flexibility, therefore, plays a critical role in enhancing the employee retention.

Chapter 4: Ethical Dilemma: Happiness Coaches for Employees

In today’s world, conflicts have become a key issue in many organizations. In many cases, they waste valuable human resources that would be better utilized to enhance the company’s effectiveness. Research demonstrates that practicing managers spend most of their time resolving conflicts. Thus, happiness coaches play a crucial role of avoiding misunderstandings.

Stress can affect productivity and attention to detail leading to poor results. Employers who are lenient towards their workers make the latter feel comfortable and help them overcome challenges. Being given authority to contribute into taking decisions makes employees feel appreciated, and they work harder for the organization. TThe happiness talk by Shawn Actor enabled the working mother forget her stressed-out life and live happily. Happiness coaches enhance openness to new ideas, which in turn, increases organizational performance. They also take care of workers without compromising on results and profitability. Satisfied employees differ in various ways from their sad colleagues. For instance, they are creative, productive, highly motivated, healthier and less confrontational. Thus, this proves that happiness coaches are a valuable tool and do not avoid solving real problems.

Chapter 5: The Power of Quiet

I agree with Cain’s arguments that introversion is power. It may not always be desirable because most people regard such individuals as those having lower levels of professional success as opposed to extroverts.

However, introverts do not focus upon pleasing others. As such, they cannot be manipulated, and the decisions they make might be valuable for the organization.

Chapter 6: The Youngest Billionaire

Considering this case, I think creativity is “made”. It is a product of opportunity and reinforcement. The decision to start a business venture is a chance to either make a breakthrough in accumulating wealth or to start an activity that could consume one’s resources and leave them in a desperate situation.

Blakely faced many challenges during the establishment of her company. However, she was determined to succeed and prepared to encounter risks along the way. Moreover, she has acquired knowledge of the business from key figures in the society including Oprah Winfrey whose actions shape the behaviors of people. Thus, it proves that creativity is made and not innate.

Chapter 7: Equity and Executive Pay

Executives normally award themselves high salaries as well as generous fringe benefits, hence, leading to inequality. The four aspects of justice including salary based on individual performance, skills and abilities, seniority/experience, and job ranking/grade or level should be used to address this challenge.

Buy custom Organizational Behavior essay

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