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American Government in Crisis

Buy custom American Government in Crisis essay

Buy custom American Government in Crisis essay

In the article titled “The Emerging Crisis in American Politics and Government” by Newt Gingrich, the author identifies the issue of power struggle as an issue that threatens to throw the American government and politics into a crisis. He notes that there is an emerging alliance of leftwing activists and union leaders, but it doesn’t promise anything good for the Americans as their strategy is to works together as a machine to mutually benefit them (Gingrich, 2007).

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Gingrich sees the beginning of a three-way split in American politics among the so-called “Stand-pat Republicans” who do appreciate the need of changes, the leftwing that is pushing for wrong reforms, and Democrats, Republicans and Independents who understand that America requires considerable solutions for the historic forces it faces at the time and for going into the future (Gingrich, 2007). The “Stand-pat Republicans” have failed in offering right leadership both on implementation effectiveness as well as on successfully defending classic American values. To put it shortly, the leftwing intimidators believe in wrong changes whilst “Stand-pat Republicans” believe almost in nothing.

He reckons that as far as these groups hav worked together in the past, this time they are well organized and well funded. This group is on a mission to impose their leftwing agenda down from the top by stifling debate. On this Gingrich provides an example of the March 1 vote in the House of Representatives on the Employee Free Choice Act (Gingrich, 2007). The bill proposed the stripping of American workers’ right to make a decision on whether unionize or not to unionize their company. The author argues that this bill exposed every American worker to intimidation and coercion tactics from unions targeting to pocket their dues money. In effect Mr. Newt Gingrich has named the bill “the American Worker Coercion Act” (Gingrich, 2007).

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The author identifies the “Stand-pat Republicans” as the members of the Republican Party who are indifferent to the need of large-scale solutions with challenges of the unceasing effort to drive God out of the public square. Thus, he underscores, this is set to change the pattern of American politics and government for the worst. As such, the failing in Government has resulted in bureaucratic failings in New Orleans, failure to control the border, only one graduate out of every five entering freshmen in public schools on time in Detroit. Similarly, California prison systems have failed as it maay have to free up to 75,000 convicted criminals before the maturity of their respective terms. The Government has failed in winning the war in Iraq (Gingrich, 2007).

The author argues that what America needs at this time is real change in politics and policies. This can only come by through the actions of many American patriots with reform-minded agendas. This is the group of American citizens who want necessary solutions for the country and are ready to uphold the values of American civilization going into the future (Anonym, 2010).

He identifies the American Solutions Supporters as being Democrats, Republicans together with Independents whose real allegiance is to believe in significant changes of the country as opposed to having allegiance to their respective political affiliations. They yearn to utilize technology and innovation to transform healthcare and retirement policies (Schmidt, 2010). Their belief is in productivity, entrepreneurs, hard work, the acknowledgement of our God-given rights, and optimism (Gingrich, 2007).

In the light of the above, the author launched an organization called American Solutions whose aim was to bring forward real solutions to challenges of health care, national security and energy independence.

Buy custom American Government in Crisis essay

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