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Buy custom Terrorism essay

Buy custom Terrorism essay

Terrorism involves a violent act that is intended to generate fear. In most occasions, terrorists have achieved their purpose as fear is instilled in people and they even become concerned about the possibility of recurrence of the same. They create uncertainty in the atmosphere since people get worried about what will happen next (Homeland Security News, 2010). However, not everybody reacts in this way in case of a terrorism act; despite the amount of destruction it leaves in its wake. There are those who have always known peace in their areas so that they never even contemplate any acts of violence or any events that are catastrophic will ever occur to them. They imagine that their community is too peaceful to be targeted by terrorists. This is a wrong mentality since disaster can strike at any moment and thus it is important that preparatory actions to mitigate against such losses are put in place.

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Myers (2001) observes that in a case where one is well prepared and informed, appropriate measures and precautions will ensure that no great devastations occur. Preparatory measures provide reasonable assurance concerning public health and safety. It convinces one that he or she can exert a certain level of control even in the event that such an incident occurs. Emergency preparedness being in place during such periods of time ensures there’s no damage to property, dwelling places or even adverse effects to anyone incase such a disaster occurs.

It is very normal to experience fear as far as terrorism is concerned. Generally humans will tend to fear what they can’t control. Terror is such, terrorists can hit where one isn’t looking. This will thus be beyond their control (Cox, 2008). The most likely way to have some power over this is through emergency preparedness that would facilitate mitigation against losses. Most terror attacks are immediate and the impact isalso felt immediately. What is immediate is another influence on our perception concerning risk, therefore a reason for our fear. In addition to this, we also tend to fear a tragic incident hat still lies in our memory. It is intuitive to experience this, for example the aftermath of the USA September 11th horror made people fearful to flights. It is therefore part of the human genetic make up to develop fear when such issues as terrorism are discussed.

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Homeland Security News (2010) asserts that terrorists would love to see a certain people change their behavior as a result of fear. It is thus our obligation to ensure we combat this fear. By opting for courage and peace of mind, we are rejecting fear. This should be followed by a change of thoughts. The risk of occurrence of a terrorist attack is not that certain and therefore residents should not overestimate the likelihood of its occurrence.

Terrorism contains complex issues and carries vast implications. It is thus important that terrorism issues be addressed. It may not be an easy task to eliminate root causes of terrorism but it is vital that the vice is brought under control (Myers, 2001). The aim should always be to contain and manage the crisis. “Dealing with this sensitive matter ensures that large direct and indirect human and economic costs are not lost just like in the attacks of September 11, 2001 on the World Trade towers and Pentagon,”( Lutz & Lutz, 2008). Approaching this subject with sensitivity ensures that the interaction between the terrorists, civilians and groups is transformed into a situation where all parties benefit. In addition, such a strategy undermines the unity in terrorist organizations making them extinct. Incentives such as offering repentant terrorists valued opportunities can be advanced to actual terrorists to deter them from engaging in violent acts and also prevent prospective ones from joiningg.

Considering the Palm Coast population is composed of the senior members of society and the disabled, too many lives would be at stake in the case of such an attack. It is therefore very necessary that a positive look at terrorism is adopted. Prevention is better than cure so they say. This however isn’t all that needs to be done (Lutz & Lutz, 2008). It is important that a disaster preparedness plan is developed. The most effective way to sensitize the residents about this would be to call for meetings with all the community members and also in a way involve the mayor, the police and the fire department.

Going door to door as a representative of the Department of Homeland Security talking to each and every citizen would be a cumbersome process. It would be easier and efficient to get the residents to the town hall and explain to them the emergency preparedness tips (Cox, 2008). Such measures are important in saving lives and loss of property through destruction caused by terror acts. The residents should each come up with an emergency communication plan that involves an out of town contact that might be informed to stay in contact and check on each other should an emergency occur. Members of the community should secure a predestined meeting place to save time and reduce confusion incase one’s home is affected.

Lutz & Lutz (2008) point out that a disaster supplies kit should be available for each household. This would be useful in carrying certain personal effects incase you are to evacuate your house. Such effects include items for those with disabilities and the aged, first aid supplies, clothing, sleeping bag among other basic items. Incase one is asked to evacuate their home by the local authorities; he or she should take heed and leave as soon as possible. They should listen to the directives of local emergency officials and put them in mind.

Buy custom Terrorism essay

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