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The Middle East Region

Buy custom The Middle East Region essay

Buy custom The Middle East Region essay

International politics and international relations are the essence of peace, prosperity and welfare of all countries. Indisputably, the current world is divided into the perspective camps that take different positions due to their interests and benefits. Accordingly, this division may cause unsound and hostile atmosphere on the world stage which often leads to tensions, contradictions, and wars. Such unfriendly environment exists between the countries of the West and the Middle East.

The Middle East region has always been one of the most important and strategic regions in the whole world. It is hard for the rest of the world to disengage from the Middle East region for the couple of reasons. One of the major is fighting the terrorism connected with this area. Obviously, terrorism has now become the main threat for each country, especially for the Western Europe and America, which is why these countries are unlikely to let the Middle East be a separate region. For the security reasons, the Western countries want to settle the peace and balance between its countries and the Middle East. Naturally, the Western countries have the ability to launch serious military actions; however, it would have a remarkable effect on the position of the Western part.

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The second core reason for the Western to stay calm and not take any strict measures towards the Middle East consists in the oil securing. It is a well-known fact that oil is the product that is the “apple of disorder” for the most part of the world. The USA and European countries have always been fighting for the lands and inferior states where they could secure oil for their own sake. That is why, when the times get tougher, it is sure that oil prices can significantly raise the country’s economy. Correspondingly, world’s major giants as the USA, the West and Russia, the main oil producers, are usually battling for the first seats on the world market to sell oil for the single aim of making profits.

The third reason is Israel’s current position. It is a key fact that the USA, the West and Israel have had non-understandable relations. However, the West does not need to disengage from Israel affairs as far as its political democratic approach may help mend the old ties between Palestine and Israel, so that these countries can reach a peaceful compromise (Ahmad 2012).

The issue of intervening is directly connected with the third reason why the West does not want to disengage from the Middle East. Basically, the West believes that there is a certain amount of violence, which is allowed between the countries of the Middle East. These states have sharp relations due to different dimensions in political, cultural, religious, and economic spheres. Correspondingly, the Western part desires to stay informed and updated in case of certain changes that may better the entire system of functioning between the Middle Eastern states.

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The problem is that The Middle Eastern countries like Iran, Syria and others, besides of being threatening counterparts for European governments, operate the powerful economies which are able to produce the major pushes for the overall growth in the world economy. The western states still desire to create a democratic mood among the Middle Eastern governments that cannot find the common language between themselves. Thus, another question arises: why the West considers itself to be that authoritative to bring enemies together?

The West has to be involved in all the spheres of the Middle East affairs because it is of vital importance to keep in control these regions in some way. However, as many historians claim, the Middle East itself has to show tolerance and a strong incentive to new alternative reforms that will investigate problematic aspects of the Middle East politics and assist to fix them. All the aspects of the country’s functioning are important for the West as long as they complete the whole system. Therefore, the West has to maintain the connecttion with the Middle East region at least for the sake of preserving the policies of international law. In addition, the Middle East can expose itself as a favorable trader of goods and products (Bew 2014).

Regardless a vast number of troubling issues to resolve in that region, the obsession of the West with the Middle East enhances due to number of reasons. Primarily, these are geopolitical and strategic grounds related to the West-Middle East problems. The Middle East owns the perfect geopolitical area as far as it occupies the large territory with the sea ports, large territorial lands, and huge amounts of natural resources. Oil resources are the basic item that creates the disagreements not only with the Middle Eastern countries, but also with Russia and the USA.

Besides, the Middle East is the great partner and compatriot when starting war actions and measures against enemies. The West and the USA have always had high tensions with their Russian counterpart to possess the world power, influence, money, and authority. These tensions are still present, especially in modern times. One should understand that the Middle East is definitely able to function as a separate body, which is not accountable to any side at the world stage. The development and spread of terrorism and terroristic groupings like ISIL, Boko Haram, and Al-Qaida gave the opportunity to put the Western countries on the knees and dictate their own rules and laws (Faux 2015).

Therefore, the Middle East and the Western countries, including the USA, often showed the hostile disposition towards each other. The Middle East disliked the West for its loose manners and democratization, while the West always tried to put the Middle East into the democratic system to turn these countries into the favorable counterparts and partners in strategic operations and organizations. These attempts were not successful. For this reason, it is necessary for both parties to analyze whether they use the appropriate tools to achieve their goals.

Buy custom The Middle East Region essay

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