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The Piece of Work

Buy custom The Piece of Work essay

Buy custom The Piece of Work essay

The findings from this research are highly valuable because they make immense contributions especially on diverse fields. The contributions made are a true reflection of the piece of work as related to the main topic. Based on the findings of this study, there is accomplished relevance for SMEs within the Irish markets as well as the international markets. The companies categorized as SMEs would increase their ability of anticipating future changes within the environment as well as plan ahead on how to adapt to them. This would be of value because they are able to avoid challenges within the market which force them out of operations and might lead to their collapse (McDougall & Oviatt 1996, p. 23 - 40). The plans to handle the prospected changes for the SMEs can be well reflected in their strategic planning for the fiscal years with adequate policies and strategies put in place to handle the same. This is therefore essential to the SMEs in helping them maintain their operations, as well as the economic advantage in the global market.

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Additionally, the findings deduced from this study are relevant because they can be utilized in managing and organizing public support for global internationalizing SMEs. The idea is to develop capabilities that will necessitate immense competition to survive in a globally competitive market (Van de Ven & Poole 1995, p. 510 – 40). In the modern era, where small businesses have been challenged in the international market by the huge competitors, it is apparent that there is a need to have ample knowledge, which will guide in global expansions for the small firms (LeCornu et al. 1996, p. 1 - 14). The knowledge details appropriate plans and strategies as well as future prospects required giving a small business the kind of boost needed for international development.

The research findings are also of enormous importance because they add to the broad base of literature on SMEs and the internationalization process. As established earlier, the literature available related to SMEs internationalization is less, and many scholars focus on other issues including the marketing mix strategies for SMEs and the structure and operations within the localities (Lam & White 1999, p. 105 - 34). Knowledge that would link SMEs to global trends, and the changes involved would be of considerable value in the professional field and this research targets to include the same (Clark Pugh & Mallory 1997, p. 605 - 23). The findings will also be of immense value in filling in the existent gaps in the field of knowledge where many questions are still unanswered relating the concept of internationalization and SMEs.

Buy custom The Piece of Work essay

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