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The Taliban Movement

Buy custom The Taliban Movement essay

Buy custom The Taliban Movement essay

Lancing (2002)assets that, initially, the Taliban came into being so as to disarm Afghanistan, bring to an end of lawlessness and to enforce Islamic laws to the people of Afghanistan. So far, the movement has been successful in ensuring there is relative law and order in about eighty five percent of the country, this has been achieved through disarming previous warlords. However, we can not assert that the movement has been a success since it failed in putting up of a concrete plan of dealing with Afghanistan vast problems both at international and national levels.

In 1996 when the Taliban were able to capture the capital city Kabul, they centered their policy towards wrestling all the Afghanis from the control of their opponents especially those in the united front headed about by counter and fleeting alliances. In order to attain their military goal, the Taliban has constantly been involved in taking offences against their foes. In the development and rebuilding front of their goals, Taliban failed to take various concrete steps or plan in the revival of the countries shattered economy (Lancing, 2002). It is important that we emphasis the de-evaluation of Afghanistan currently is not associated to a Taliban heritage but to individuals responsible in the printing of afghan money.

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It is evident that Taliban draw their major strength from tribal roots, the various traditional political enmities and various tribal rivalries have greatly been held as the key factors that enable Taliban to regroup. It is from these constant regrouping that has greatly assisted the group to coordinate its guerrilla operation in Afghanistan (Skaine, 2008). Although the United States constantly claim that the regrouping has been weakening, but it is evident that realities on the ground indicate that the regrouping is growing stronger day in day out.

The movement is also perceived to draw strength from its goal which is supposed to establish an Islamic regime whose aim is to secure the rights of Muslims and to also ensure that Islamic laws are followed. They proclaimed that for a long time the Islamic religion ha been subjected to injustices an it was the highest time they need to correct that. From these injustices various supporters of the group such as Afghani people and merchants finance the movement so as to enable them to achieve these goals.

According to Skaine (2008), the hideouts of the Taliban group is riddled up with numerous caves and tunnels that enable the Taliban to carry out there attack missions without being spotted. The natural complexities of these caves and  tunnels gives an ample room for the Taliban fighters to move from one place to another especially form one large city to another without being spotted by the united state military and any NATO  official. Before the invasion of the united state government in Afghanistan, sources indicated that the Taliban and al-Qaeda had entrenched heavy weapons through the natural terrains in preparation to fight back. Theseheavy weapons included Sam 7 missiles, 76mm anti tank guns, t54 tanks, 124mm heavy artillery and multi -barrel rocket launchers.

It is very evident that almost all of the Taliban fighters are much trained and the group has been in possession of equipments that is very useful in fighting. For instance, the group has special mask equipments which are often allow them to secrete deep in the innards of the mountains. Not only do the group posses high tech equipments but also do the leaders and commanders have been known to have great skills that assist them in training the junior fighters. For instance, the famous commander mullah Saifur Rehman Mansoor was very prominent figure in the leadership structure of the Taliban.

From their great influence in twenty two out of the thirty Afghani provinces, the Taliban movement has been able to collect customs in these provinces where they are able to obtain a reasonable source of income to sustain them in their operation (Marsden, 1998). Their goal in the restoration of peace an establishment of a pure Islamic estate has enable businessmen and merchants to fund them so as justice could be issued to the people of Afghanistan. An interview conducted indicated that the movement had no reason to build up relationships with other Islamic movements rather it was widely interested in the establishment of peace and the implementation of Shari’ a laws.

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Marsden asserts that, Sources have gone ahead in indicating that the Taliban has constantly been issuing out signal information for their hit and run operation which are effective in the launching of their troops and in the installations of the United States government and its allies (1998). In the region of Paktia there have been strong historical backgrounds on to where the Taliban obtain their strength from. Most of the tribes found in Paktia especially for those found in Gardez, have constantly showed a soft spot to the Taliban therefore forming two warrior tribes that is the Ahmed Zia and Soloman Khail.

From various news sources across the world, it is evident that the whereabouts of the exiled Taliban leaders is not yet clear. Although some of them have been captured by the United States forces in their effort to combat with the rising cases of terror attacks, some of the Taliban leaders are still have influence especially in the rural areas of Afghanistan. Many of these leaders are continuing to predominantly in the areas of pashtun and have constantly been linked in the recent attacks and they are working steadily so as to overtake the current government.

According to Skaine (2002), by the beginning in mid-2006, the Taliban movement had reassembled in order to step up its attacks on the coalition forces through suicidal and road attacks tactics. In the provinces of Helman, Uruzgan, and Zabul where the NATO forces ha secure there was intense clashes that saw many civilians dead and others left homeless. During this period the government indicated that the attacks were as result of the Pakisttanis to provide safer havens for the Taliban’s across the border.

It is evident that many of the Taliban fighters have heed the president call in disarming them so that they can resume to their normal lives as members of the afghan communities other than being fugitives. Some of those leaders who heeded the president call have managed to win parliamentary seats during the 2005 elections this includes the Taliban governor who was in office when the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddha’s was destroyed, there are others in the afghan military who are constantly assisting in repairing of the tattered image of Afghanistan (Skaine, 2002).

It is evident that ever since the appearance of the Taliban in the political scenes in Afghanistan; they have been able to attract a lot of attentions that has been widely misunderstood by the world. At the same time within misinterpretation of the Taliban attention, the movement has displayed remarkably poor understanding on the realities and contradictions displayed by the world due to their activities. From the numerous criticisms from the NATO and United Nations, it is good to say that the movement has been successful in ending the chaos seen in the era of mujahedeen and also in the disarming previous warlords (Bruno, 2009). It is also evident that other than disbarment and ending of chaos, Taliban have been able to patch together most regions in the Afghanistan through a unitary political, social, economical and military authority.

However, it is still evident that their strict laws especially to women has contributed in the rising of the level of poverty and many difficulties to ordinary afghans and has influenced in the isolation of the Afghanistan nation by the international community. It is evident that the afghan ship will continue to sail in uncertain water not aware of the tragedies that awaits them (Bruno, 2009). Their lack of experience in various foreign policies, this has been considered as important factor in the international isolation. Many countries including Russia, Iran and India to mention but a few have continued to offer assistance to the Taliban. These relationships by various nations have been seen as to establish parallelism in the history of Afghanistan as compared to that involving china communism.  

It is significantly evident that it was or it is during the leadership of the Taliban that economic hardships within the cities have increased due to lack of jobs and business opportunities which have been considered to be sources of income to the people of Afghanistan. The standards’ of living of these people are continuing to sparkled out due to rampant unemployment, diseases, malnutrition and enormous hunger which are constantly seen as common characteristics towards the people of Afghanistan. Since the leadership of the Taliban movement, a considerable portion of afghan population especially those that live within the city rely on assistance and donations normally provided by the United Nations and other humanitarian organizations.

Buy custom The Taliban Movement essay

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