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Ecological Footprint

Buy custom Ecological Footprint essay

Buy custom Ecological Footprint essay

The Place of Ecological Footprint in Everyday Life

Ecological footprint is considered a measure of human demand for the natural resources and environmental facilities. Ecological footprint defines the amount of natural resources used by a human in order to satisfy their needs. Today, environmental issues have become one of the most discussed topics all over the world. Ecological footprint is the matter, which helps to drive attention of the society to the global problem of ecological devastation. Global warming is spreading all over the world and is causing dramatic changes in climate. It is the fact that the human activity has gone far beyond its limits. Ecological indicators show that Earth is at the stage of development, when a human starts to destroy the surrounding world. Many websites offer its visitors to count an ecological footprint to be aware of the personal impact on the environment and climate changes in general. Society should be aware of the harmful impact brought to the natural resources because of human activity.

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Calculations of the ecological footprint include the information about living conditions (type and size of the apartment), transport usage, eating habits and ecology saving facilities. These facilities may range from water saving taps and energy saving bulbs to solar batteries and wind turbines. Personal footprint calculator considers all aspects of living and reflects the required territory according to the needs and habits of every individual. The generated results show the percentage of personal ecological footprint and footprint of the nation in general. It is not hard to predict the results including personal eating habits, lifestyle and responsibilities for taking actions related to the safety of the environment.

The result of calculations provides one with information on the total footprint in global hectares, food footprint, personal carbon footprint, personal housing footprint, and personal goods and services footprint. Moreover, the calculations also show one the personal impact on forestland, pastureland marine fisheries, and cropland.

Ecological Footprint at the Global Level

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Environment suffers not only from an individual’s impact on the surrounding world. The global problem of the whole humanity lies in the negative impact from its activity. The concept of global warming claims that the planet’s atmosphere cannot reflect the sun rays because of the holes in the ozone layer. Human activity causes much trouble to nature and its welfare. Holes in the ozone layer are caused by harmful emissions brought to the atmosphere by plants, enterprises and vehicles running in a great number down the street. Many cities in the world are covered with smog, which kills the nature and causes a diversity of health problems ranging from asthma to heart diseases.

Emissions brought to the air are devastating for the environment. One of the main sources of pollution is fuel used by plants, factories and vehicles. The industrial era destroys the surrounding world. The development of industry causes many troubles to nature. First, nature loses its biodiversity because of the growing industrial sectors. Many species of animals become extinct because the industrial era kills its habitat. Animals lose their habitat and cannot survive in tough conditions offered by humans. The devastation of nature is also related to the wood depreciation. According to the monitoring facilities of the ecological footprint in the US, an ordinary citizen uses approximately 1.60% of wooden products in their activity on an annual basis (Palmer, n. d). This indicator proves that the human activity devastates environment and leads to the global warming. The lack of forests results in the lack of oxygen produced by green plants. It releases harmful emissions into the atmosphere. It takes more than 50 years to restore the acre of the forest. However, the industrial era does not take into consideration the fact that it is impossible to restore nature with the same pace as the industry develops. Contemporary world demands much from nature. Moreover, the world forgets about preservation of the forests in order to maintain a proper balance of biodiversity. It may lead to the destruction of natural balance because of human activity by 2050.

Humanity continues to cut forests mindlessly in order to provide industries with necessary resources. At the same time, the area left from the forest is usually used to erect numerous buildings. Another fact of the environmental problems is that contemporary generation forgets about the land, which could be appropriate for farming. Food consumption keeps at high rates all over the worlds. While the USA have an excessive amount of food, poor people in remote countries all over the world suffer from hunger. It happens because contemporary generation devastates nature and takes away the most valuable resources. People start lacking food because the land, which was appropriate for farming is no more available. The industrial sphere does not consider the fact that some soil is not suitable for farming. Farming is the sector, which requires a vast territory of land, which will be appropriate for growing a diversity of cultures and feeding animals. However, today it becomes hard to find the territory, which could bring benefits to the society and provide it with high-quality food. As a result, scientists start to create genetically modified products, which can grow in any natural conditions. Nevertheless, these products have a harmful impact on the health of millions of people.

Finally, energy has a great impact on the world. Coal, oil and gas form the main sources of fuel for the majority of enterprises. As a result, the nature receives an excessive amount of emissions. Many animals die because of the impact of oil. It is the fact that the seashore becomes filled with dead animals, when oil gets into the water. Biosphere adjusts to the changeable nature of human development. Biosphere involves elements, which are interrelated. When some species become endangered, they endanger other species according to the chain. It causes a diversity of environmental problems. However, the main problem is that the rapid pace of human development does not let environment adhere to new conditions in the same pace.

Buy custom Ecological Footprint essay

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