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Buy custom Discussion Response essay

In my view of the article, I agree that health reform in the United States has not been an easy ride for the current president, Mr. Obama. For example, in his bid to to offer quality heathcare to low-income, young and aged Americans, a number of issues that were raised by the opposition on its constitutionality and benefits to the people failed to sail through in the Congress and/or during the campaigns. As indicated in the article, I believe that Mr. Romney failed in his constitutional attempt to repeal the Obamacare act not because he could not marshal his supporters to reject it, but because even some of the republicans were convinced that a comprehensive medical insurance cover was the best option for low-income, young and old Americans.

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The article also revisted a constitutional battle to use the courts to scatle the whole medical scheme. It is true in my opinion that The Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of the Obamacare was a sign of relief to millions of Americans who feared being locked out of access to proper heathcare. In addition, I think the article justified that The Supreme Court downplayed the Republicans assertion that states that do not implement the comprehensive medical scheme would lose Medicaid financing from the federal government, further complicating issues for Mr. Romney and his camp.

Politically, I believe the article adequately clarified that the law requires that the federal government must give 90 percent funding to each state for medicaid coverage, an offer that not even most of the republicans could honestly reject.Moreover, my political view played a role in this article becauseI fully agree thatthe perceived benefits of the scheme, especially affordability and equity made most Americans to vote overwhelmingly for the incumbent president. The article also indicated that a mere two percent of the population could be affected by the scheme did not offer ground for its rejection, thus the overall advantage of providing a medical insurance cover to most of the citizens became the deciding factor.

Buy custom Discussion Response essay

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