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Emission Reduction Policies

Buy custom Emission Reduction Policies essay

Buy custom Emission Reduction Policies essay

Emission reduction is becoming a serious concern among many people today. Scientists, business people and policy makers are all trying to arrive at a consensus in addressing the gas and particulate emission issue. The discussions are becoming practical challenges with concentration directed at how and where emission reduction can be effectively achieved. The period over which this reduction can be achieved together with the costs entailed are among the challenges experienced.

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As a policy maker, I would utilize two main policies in curbing this problem. First, embracing and applying clean energy technologies. It is obvious that both gas and particulate emissions come from plants using non- renewable energy. The use of petrol and other natural oils form part of the gas emission, hence the pollution of the atmosphere. The use of clean or renewable energy will help in managing the gas emission problem by reducing the environmental pollution (Bollen & Gielen, 1998). The policy is also effective since clean energy is more efficient than the non- renewable one.  Apart from the reduced amount of emissions, and conservation of the environmental ecosystem, climate is also maintained. Climate change has been a problem in most parts of the world, resulting from emissions in the atmosphere. Clean environment mean that, the climate is protected and different regions are bound to experience natural weathers (Tomita, 2001). Renewable energy as a policy is bound to work effectively, since the today world is evolving. People prefer faster ways of doing things, and clean energy is more efficient than using natural gas and fuel. Of course the cost of renewable energy will be high, and this will therefore, require a strong economy for the country. Achieving this approach involves abatement options that can include various marginal and net costs. However, the bigger picture should also be considered here, where there will be energy efficiency, and reduced gas and particulate emissions from production plants. From the numerous researches that have been done, this approach in reducing emissions works, and can be effective up to about 80% reduced emission in the next 20 years.

My second policy would be the consumption of local and natural products. Vegetables and fruits found in supermarkets today are often shipped from far away countries, but they can be grown locally. This process involves burning of fossil fuel during transport. Hence, purchasing locally grown products can curb the problem of gas emission. Most people depend on processed foods today, which are from the processing plants responsible for gas emissions. Importation of commodity from other countries also aid in gas emission, since the transportation means used are gas emitters. Going natural, particularly in foods consumed can enhance emission reductions through minimizing the use of fuel to run plants and processing factories (United Nations, 2007). Aside from the reduced emissions, natural commodities are also more nutritious and healthier than processed ones. People will, therefore, tend to be healthy. Local goods also help in reducing the use of planes, ships and tracks which emit gases. This policy can also enable improvement of the country since citizens will engage in activities that build their country. Going natural and local is not as costly as using renewable but efficient energy.This policy, however, requires a lot of work since a lot of work force is needed. However, combining this policy with renewable energy makes work easier and such a country is bound to succeed in most areas. The approach is also effective and is capable of reducing emission by about 70% in about 20 years to come.

Buy custom Emission Reduction Policies essay

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