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Globalization and Immigration

Buy custom Globalization and Immigration essay

Buy custom Globalization and Immigration essay

This essay discusses globalization with respect to the criticisms which have been aired by different schools of thought. The paper highlights the three areas which have been focused much by the critics of globalization. These areas are consumerism, immigration and nutrition. The essay will finally suggest the way out in form of alternatives of globalization.

Globalization vs. Nutrition

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Globalization has encouraged mass production of food. New technology has been discovered and it is possible to grow more food within short periods of time. Fast foods have been associated with globalization (Charles Para. 1). Though globalization has been seen to increase the amount of food produced, Charles (2006) argues that the quality has been compromised to the extent of endangering the consumers. The food manufactured has been said to put people in danger of heart diseases and other diseases which are associated with food nutrition deficiency (Charles Para. 2).

Globalization vs. Immigration. The issue most contented on immigration with respect to globalization is the creation of universal culture at the expense of regional cultures. According to Kunal (1997) immigration in search of new jobs as chiefly been responsible for eroding most cultures as people from various backgrounds gets to mix and interact. This has been responsible for disappearance of some culture traits which has led equally loss of heritage (Kunal Para. 3). International Labor Organization (2006) views the situation from a different angle. ILO brings on board the issue of jobless growth among the countries from which the countries which the immigrants come from (ILO Para. 3).

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Globalization vs. Consumerism. Anup Shah (2008) presents a very detailed argument against globalization basing his views on the effects of the consumerism on the lives of people, environment and developing countries. Globalization has availed so many goods to people prompting high consumption rates. This is especially quite rampant in thee developed countries. High consumption rates encourage mass production of goods. Mass production of goods has got so many disadvantages which include the degradation of the environment, pollution of the atmosphere and exhaustion of resources (Anup Para. 5).

Alternatives to Globalization. In the light of the above problems, globalization needs to be controlled.  This can be done by ensuring that nations do not completely depend on other nations. This can be accomplished by discouraging unnecessary long distance trading. This will help to stabilize local regions by ensuring that they become independent. Governments should ensure that regions do not over dependent on other regions for goods. The influence of large organizations should not be allowed to control (Wallis Para. 7).

Globalization has to be controlled to ensure that regions are not over dependent on other regions. This is significant as it will help to reduce environmental degradation, pollution and exhaustion of resources.

Buy custom Globalization and Immigration essay

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