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Interest in Information Technology

Buy custom Interest in Information Technology essay

Buy custom Interest in Information Technology essay

My interest in information technology began when I was in my third grade. Like my fellow students in the class I was experiencing some difficulties in mastering some information technology concepts. The problems in information technology which had became part of me made me to take time and critically think about my life and the things that I would like to keep doing even at an old age. There are many things that I aspired because of the people who had already made it in this field. I vividly remember one of my favorite local journalist who impacted my life greatly to the extend that every time he was making a presentation I couldn’t stop thinking of I becoming like him. The more I thought about the whole issue of becoming an information technology person the much drive I got in working smartly and extra hard for better results (Sayette, Mayne & Norcross 2010).

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As I meditated over the person I wanted to be there were choices that I needed to make. For instance I had to decide on the college where I will enroll and that is when I settled for Elmhurst college of Chicago. Due to my increased effort and hard work I started improving at a faster rate than anyone could comprehend. The test of excellent results made me to feel some form of satisfaction and contentment that I had not had for along time. The satisfaction that I had developed, and the feeling of contentment; was the driving force behind my wanting to purse an information technology degree. This was my starting point of finding pleasure in that which I was doing. I further narrowed down and settled for journalism. Its then, that, I began to learn how information can be collected from the field and critically e analyzed before it’s realized to the public.

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One of the most exciting things is the wide range of information that a journalists comes in contact with. I had always desired to be informed and knowledgeable than most of my classmates. For these reason this was one of the valued opportunity that I had to become more informed. There are a number of researches that I carried out and they turned out to be very productive. For instance I went to the field and collected information about some of the ills that were going on around my neighborhood. I vividly remember the award I received for making one of the best presentations to be made by a student of my level. For most of the time that I have been a student I have been numbered among the most hardworking students. I have a good academic report that is essential for opening further education doors for me (Sayette, Mayne & Norcross, 2010).

Besides my academics I have some skills and talents that can be of some usefulness. I personally love sports and one of my favorite games is base ball. Besides that I am physical fit and health with a critical mind which has paved way for me in many places. I have had some course combination that may be of great help in information technology. For example I have taken some ICT courses which are essential for any aspiring information technology student. I have also learnt a number of languages like French and Spanish which can enable me to communicate with people who do not understand English. In addition to that I have also undertaken a number of communications training which has formed a good foundation for proper communication skills. I believe that the passion I have for journaalism and the desire to offer the world the best will help me overcome some of the obstacles that I might encounter on my journey of becoming a journalist (Sayette, Mayne & Norcross, 2010).

The strong desire that, I have to reach out to those people in great need pushes me greatly to go for this dream. I desire to reach out to the needy and help in creating a solution for them is so strong in me and I know that by becoming a journalist I can be able to help them find the help they long for. I plan to achieve my goals and dreams by working hard at that which I am supposed to do. The current research inform of attachment that I am involved in will help me attain the best in this field. The curiosity to reach out to the most remote places and make a new coverage of the happenings in those villages will still remain alive in me; seeing the joy that this people will have after seeing themselves as part of the growing modern and global world is something that I cannot keep postponing any more.

Besides all my dreams and aspirations I would like to be part of the people who are contributing to the growth of our countries economy. For this reason I want to be a patriotic citizen who works at seeing that his nation achieves the best and it also does not loss the best which it has. There is much that I can do for my society and my fellow young people who are lost in drugs and many other immoral practices. One of my principles is to offer the world the best and to treat all with respect because there is much potential in every person. My core values, integrity and discipline will help me to serve my society and those who need my help (Sayette, Mayne & Norcross, 2010).

Buy custom Interest in Information Technology essay

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