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Needs of Students

Buy custom Needs of Students essay

Buy custom Needs of Students essay

The world is fast becoming a global village. This underlines the need to adopt a common network for communication grounded on the facets of the recognition of the position of writing as a universal means of communication. Adoption of the language in the learner system adequately equips the learner to tangle with the requirements of a dynamic and fast changing world. The improved new technology and ever changing trends in lifestyles should be fast tracked through the language writing to ensure that learners receive the best in terms of perception and understanding of the world of reality.

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The basic tenets of this innovative brain based approach are well documented. The prevailing circumstances will dictate the approach and justify the road adopted towards their achievement. Therefore, due to its dependence on the learners’ perception of the target language, the ideas and processes of its execution might as well favor the curriculum leading to an improved and an ever changing mode of curriculum approach and encroachment. Thus, the responsibility to tame the curriculum will be tailored by the teacher who will be a leader in the program and the content will be generated by the students. This will transpire into a dynamic curriculum set on the foundations of learner recognition, awareness and willingness.

It is also essential to note that the practical part integrated with the theoretical sphere will eventually sustain the program. Coupled with history, the relationship between the past and future will coherently define the innovative course of action. This will greatly influence the contribution of the students as well as covet the teacher as a leader whose mandate is to not only generate skills, ideas, and theories but also an assessor with the ability to adjudge the perception of the students. The ultimate goal wil result in practical ability and knowledge of the best means of execution grounded on the brains of individuals. The curriculum will definitely change the community, nation and the entire universe not spontaneously but over a certain period of time.

The empowerment of learners in any atmosphere is crucial. Thus, the integration of this approach in the reading and writing spectrums and encouraged use of the language throughout the different lessons should be effected.  By adopting this mode, attention is paid to the learners’ brain abilities as well as their creative and innovative ability. This will practically imply the essence of respect to their ideas and a well accustomed interaction with the teacher. It also implies a respect for the abilities possessed by the learner appreciating his knowledge. This will perfectly juxtapose the teacher’s role in shaping the learner ideas and skills against that of passing down knowledge and skills. Thus, the learner feels a much higher responsibility in the learning and the stimulation of the brain is good enough for the learners’ academic growth and excellent maturity of the brain.

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Because the pilot program is with a small group of at risk students, benchmark testing and continued assessment will be possible. Student scores in all areas will be included in the evaluation of the program. The hopeful outcome would be that student’s language learning improve academics and become more optimistic. Additional questionnaires will be given to parents to use as a tool to determine the attitude of the student and if parental involvement increased.

The pedagogical experience that emerges, unexpectedly, is an opportunity to learn again what curriculum is, and how powerful learning is when students share their thoughts, experience and protracted lines of action in the casee of varied circumstances (Nicolas V. 2007).  The eventual result is that it enhances the learning process making it interactive. Thus the teacher is bestowed with a more upfront task of staying well updated as well as doing varied research. This will enhance the sustainability of the curriculum as there will always be varied resources on offer which respect the learner ability. This will eventually reproduce a much needed diverse influence on the community and deliver up to the expectations.

A well outlined initial phase validates the applicability of such an approach. The available resource materials will pioneer the program with additional materials relying on the creativity of the students and the teacher. Drawing from the largely sufficient number of elites, the program will best suit the student whose contextual awareness and practical adventure will be critical for attainment of the best results. Being a practical area, the approach will definitely suit the teacher and the learner and culminate into a well petitioned learner based contribution of ideas as well as sufficient discussion points for the sake of the entire classroom environment and the society at large.

Not only is the curriculum designed for the classroom, its eventual target is to impact on the community at large. Therefore, by ignoring the response expected in the initial phases, it is guaranteed to involve the whole community with a definite impact on their perception. This trigger will be susceptible enough to foster a long running association within the community and enhance the practical contribution of the community. The stimulation of thoughts might even influence the input of past generations leading to a well documented community involvement.  Thus, the idea is strongly backed up for trial, use and perfection by incorporating it into the current learning systems. 

Buy custom Needs of Students essay

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