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Negotiation Big Bang Theory Clip

Buy custom Negotiation Big Bang Theory Clip essay

Buy custom Negotiation Big Bang Theory Clip essay

The art of negotiations has always been valued.  It is indeed an art as it requires a lot of creativity in approaches to the situation as well as strategic thinking. It takes a lot of time and practice as well as certain natural skills to master this invaluable talent.

In this video, we see how two men are trying to purchase the sword that is of great aesthetic and contextual value to them. Both individuals are very willing to obtain the sword, however one of them is willing to bargain and negotiate in order to decrease the price. He makes very smart moves and arguments in favor of the price reduction, which indeed forces the seller to bring down the price. However, Sheldon was keen to get the sword so bad, that he was ready to pay any price. Any little discount made him overexcited and he was willing to get the sword at that price.

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I believe that without Sheldon’s comments and unnecessary participation in the conversation Leonard would have made much more success in bargaining. Sheldon does not have the creativity due to the mathematical mindset and creativity is very important for the proper bargaining and understanding of the concept of bargaining as a whole. He takes what is conditioned as a given, and does not try to push the boundaries set.

To conclude, I would like to say that Leonard is a very skillful negotiator and is very good at bargaining. His mindset is not the rigorous and mathematically oriented as Sheldon’s, which allows him to create very convincing arguments while bargaining. Sheldon has very poor bargaining abilities and he has very technical mind, he takes everything said as mathematical instructions, which cannot be questioned and are to be taken for what they are.

Buy custom Negotiation Big Bang Theory Clip essay

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