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The American Class System

Buy custom The American Class System essay

Buy custom The American Class System essay

Justice is utterly needed today. According to the account written in Chapter 17 Economic Justice: The American System, there is much discrimination and inequality that happens in our society. Like what happened during the so-called achievement for reaching the Moon and the planet Mars, the government seems to be negligent of what is happening to the majority of the public. Indeed, many public authorities spend much of the nation’s resources for meaningless things. It is true that this is mainly a fruit of selfishness. Having no regard for others, they insist on making their selfish goals and aspirations come true – even at the expense of others’ hard situation in life. In the pursuit for the Moon and Mars, the government was glad to have their goal attained, but there were many people who were still starving for food and had health difficulties. There has to be a right allocation of the resources of a particular country. These resources should be used mainly for the sake of the public. In fact, why would the government spend much money in things – like the journey to the Moon and Mars – that do not contribute to a man’s daily needs? Can anyone find life in the Moon or Mars? Can the government take food from those places, and give to people? Definitely, it’s a big ‘no’.

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The admonition for justice for poverty should be addressed by the government. Those who already achieved high economic status should help the government in dealing with the problem of poverty within their country. There should be enough funds for the education and health of the citizens, so that after finishing their studies, they will be able to find work and establish their own careers – making their own contribution to the country. But there are also some poor people who are lazy and irresponsible. In that case, they will be responsible for their own poverty; they deserve it. Nevertheless, those who long for a good life – showing sincerity and diligence – should be given opportunity and means by the government and other rich people.

Buy custom The American Class System essay

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