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Women Liberation

Buy custom Women Liberation essay

Buy custom Women Liberation essay

Simone De Beauvoir in his book of the second sex describes herself as a weaker sex in relation to a man comparing the physiological qualities of a man as masculine while a woman is less masculine; she even believed that men might have more respiratory system than women. In brief the title of her book the second sex simply refers to women as second after men. Beauvoir postulates the culture of feminism in women that may conflict with the traditions of politics, religious leadership or working class that are for men whether black of white.

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Beauvoir and Wollstonecraft ideas in their books the second sex and a vindication of the right of women respectively portray different views of women in the social life at the time. Wollstonecraft advocated for the possibility in gender equality and deliberation of women from men oppressions through education making women to be able to do what men can do in the social life to include leadership and ranks in the working class and still continue to carry on with the motherhood responsibilities. While Beauvoir saw a possible cause of conflict in the then society if the feminine women would try to undertake what was for men as the then traditions of social, religious, political and the working ranks had rendered women ideals as inferior.

Patriarchy is a kind of authority that men have over the women and children in a society that they have the power to rule, dictate, demand and own properties. Living in a patriarchal society means that the women and children have no right to freedom over men ideologies and ownership of properties. Kate Millett an activist for feminist movement in his interview with the BBC on March22, 1971 brings out a different meaning of patriarchy as a legal power structure that is inclusive of men, women and children and is free from any form of oppressions against ownership of properties, marital rights and employment rights. Millett views differs from the Beauvoir in respect to women freedom as the former fort for legal structures that provides equality among men and women while the later detested against women freedom as they were born feminine and should be second to men.

Buy custom Women Liberation essay

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