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Matador of War

Buy custom Matador of War essay

Buy custom Matador of War essay

Title and Name of Filmmaker

The title of the film is Matador of War, and the filmmakers are Avner Faingulernt and Macabit Abramson.

What is It About?

The film presents the story about people’s fascination about the war in Gaza, which was also commonly referred to as Operation Cast Lead. The key idea of the film is that the war in Gaza was extremely destructive to populations and property. However, it also forms the opinion that not everyone feels the pain of the destruction as “war tourists” are ecstatic about the entire scene. The context of the movie is historical as it illustrates the tensions between Israel and Gaza. In my opinion, the subtext of the movie is mass killings of innocent people. This is highlighted by the rising smoke and the bombs falling over Gaza and taking many lives.

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Target Audience

Evidently, one of the target audiences of the film is the international community, which is supposed to address violence between countries. Another target group is everyone found in a state of war. It tries to persuade people to be responsible instead of viewing war with the sense of humor.

Cinematic Tools and Tactics Used in the Film

One of the cinematic tools used to convey the idea of the film is the camera. It is worth noting that cameras are placed at a strategic point where they focus on the bombing of Gaza. They tend to bringout the true picture without any manipulation. Faingulernt and Abramson used the overall narration of the film is another cinematic tactic used to convey the main idea. The narration is manipulative as it tends to criticize the fascination of Jews about war and violence in the Gaza region. The film’s sound is also a tool and tactics used to convey the idea of the film. This is also manipulative as it tries to enlighten people about the destructive nature of war.

Speakers in the Film and their Representation

One of the key speakers in the film is Avner Faingulernt from Israel. He represents a moderate commentator being a producer in the real world. The second commentator is Macabit Abramson from Israel. He is a news reporter in the movie and a film producer in the real life. The last speaker is Lev Goltser from Israel. He is a moderate reporter in the film and an editor in the real world. All these speakers are of Jewish origin and hold the point of view that war is an extremely destructive activity that should be avoided at all costs.

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The Filmmaker’s Point of View

The filmmakers embrace a tourist point of view to highlight the exact feelings that Jewish “war tourists” exhibited during the burning of Gaza.

My Reactions to the Film

My emotional reactions to the film were characterized with sympathy and empathy for the dying Palestinians. I was emotionally disturbed watching bombs fall on Gaza and smoke billlow over the buildings. However, intellectually, the filmmakers were extremely creative in telling the story.

Thoughts on the Stories Told, Issues Presented, and the People Presented/Presenting

Watching the story of people getting excited about violence and war in Gaza, I realized that the world can get cruel at times. Attacking and killing innocent people in areas such as Gaza highlights the highest level of cruelty and the height of humanitarian offenses (Zanotti 55). In line with the issues presented, I thought it would be vital for the entire world to intervene and ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice. Relating to the people presented, I thought it would have been prudent for them to empathize with the dying Palestinians instead of taking it as an exciting and best experience in their lives (Zanotti 68). They could have taken the initiative of helping the suffering population in Gaza.

Rating of the Film from the Artistic Aspect

My overall rating of the film from an artistic aspect is 7 out of 10. This is so because of the high level of creativity and effective use of cinematographic tools in portraying the reactions of Jews toward killings in Gaza (Maysles Cinema 2012).

Other Comments

The only other comment about this movie is that it is one of the best documentaries I have ever watched. I liked the creativity in the telling the story. The message was passed in a succinct manner without any complications.

Buy custom Matador of War essay

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