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Citizenship and Gay Male Sexuality: “Will and Grace Show”

Buy custom Citizenship and Gay Male Sexuality: “Will and Grace Show” essay

Buy custom Citizenship and Gay Male Sexuality: “Will and Grace Show” essay

There have been numerous definitions put forth to expound on the aspect of positive citizenship. Notably, citizenship is considered to be an alternative path embraced from such normal societal facets as standards, norms as well as distinctive beliefs. Furthermore, it is safe to indicate that citizenship assumes two unique alternative paths which are characterized by either high embrace to the core mainstream or lowly embracing the key mainstream. Notwithstanding, it is safe to assume that subcultures, which appear in based texts, are depicted in a rather lower form of citizenship while in case of  fictions, subcultures are showcased as assuming higher forms of citizenship. Thus, this methodology, of characterizing texts, helps potential producers to develop distinctive forms of prose. However, in real sense, the aforementioned producers achieve the objective of reinforcing the different mainstreams perceptions.

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Consequently, it is safe to postulate that in the course of producing texts, there are other fundamental facets which are put forth in order to alter the perception of citizenship to a positive note. For instance, facets related to identities are allowed to be perceived through media-based technologies. This goes forward to affect canges in the definition of citizenship. Subsequently, in that matter, the definitive structure of citizenship is allowed to carry the order of the day.

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In the show, “Will and Grace” the aspect of gay male sexuality is represented as part of mainstream deviation in the American society. There two key female and male characters in the show that depict the distinctive perceptions of the society. The first female character: Karen is perceived to be rich and beautiful. She is always making immense levels of efforts to make her body-shape conform to the expectations of the society. Consequently, her behaviors are adhering to such societal mainstreams as fairer standards, beliefs as well as practices. Furthermore, she is coherent about her appearance and thus, portrayed as an object of sexual desire within the society: this is fairly depicted by her rather larger breasts. Notably, her features allow her to enjoy such fairer matters in life as marriage as well as financial stability. On the hand, Grace is portrayed as having a lot of interest in her career. She is portrayed in a manner which departs from the key standards of the society. Thus, she is able to live a normal life and for that reason works hard enough in order to gain material gains. However, she is poor and aalways begs for funds from her friends in order to make ends meet. Her social life is tattered given that she lives with a gay man: she is also not dating. Her effort ends unfairly when she tries to engage in business. In this manner, women are depicted as living fairer life only when they get married and are attractive in nature. Women are also not supposed to participate in business activities.

The first male is character is Jack who leads a diverging sexual lifestyle since he does not engage in long-term relationships. This form of behavior does not work fair for him especially because he despises matters related to love and relationships. Consequently, he is not learned and is married to a woman who does not meet the societal standards. On the other hand, Will participates in traditional models of relationships given that he pursues long-term relationships. This attitude towards relationship works fairly for him since he is financially stable. He is a responsible man who is ready to care and provide for his children.

To sum up, it is fair to postulate that there are connections which exist in the show;” Will and Grace, this phenomenon is depicted since traditional approach towards life is rewarded while deviants are punished.

Buy custom Citizenship and Gay Male Sexuality: “Will and Grace Show” essay

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