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Domestic Violence and Socioeconomic Status Sections III, IV, and V

Buy custom Domestic Violence and Socioeconomic Status Sections III, IV, and V essay

Buy custom Domestic Violence and Socioeconomic Status Sections III, IV, and V essay

The best solution for the problem of domestic violence and issues associated with it (high crime incidence: murders, injuries, suicides, robberies, and other cases) is applying the strategies to all causes of abuse in the family. The suggested policy is called the Integrated Method of Struggle (IMS). The intervention integrates all existing programs into one in order to address all socioeconomic causes of domestic violence. Authorities all over the world consider domestic violence, but the method they suggest concentrates on some factors only, while the others are ignored. The IMS incorporates all factors into one and evaluates them as a whole. In order to achieve the best results and decrease the incidence of domestic violence to the minimum, all sides of the problem must be analyzed. The Integrated Method of Struggle will be directed to dealing with such aspects as economic status, background, psychology of the neighborhood, drug and alcohol abuse, racial peculiarities, gender characteristics of the society, level of education, access to healthcare and psychological consultation, crime rate, and other socioeconomic issues that influence the relationships in the family. The main advantage of this plan is its integrating approach to the situation.

There are several reasons for success of the chosen strategy. The first one is the struggle with all causes of domestic violence. Such approach eliminates the reasons for family abuse at once. In contrast to IMS, other programs focus on one or two factors associated with violence (usually psychological or economic), while the others remain neglected and continue to create disagreements between intimate partners or relatives. The second reason is coping with other important social issues. Apart from dealing with domestic abuse, the Integrated Method of Struggle is aimed at facing such problems as illiteracy and lack of secondary education, low income, violent background (usually characterized by high crime rate), drug and alcohol abuse, and others. The programs that are acting now do not address all these social issues at once. The third reason for strategy success is its approach based on gender and race. Considering these issues, the program helps to prevent the violent behavior in next generations. It is worth noting that boys growing in violent environment are more prone to be violent in adulthood than those that are raised in a non-violent atmosphere. The interventions that are used today do not address the racial and gender factors as close as the IMS does, and, therefore, they cannot ensure the same success.

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The IMS has certain advantages over other strategies. Apart from the upsides mentioned above, the Integrated Method of Struggle will not require as much money as all existing interventions taken together. Since the proposed policy addresses many issues at a time, it will solve them faster than the others separately as all influential factors will be considered. Moreover, the proposed strategy will take almost as much time as the rest of the programs, though it will change a greater number of aspects.

The implementation of the policy requires taking several steps. The first one is ensuring active cooperation between authorities and professionals from many spheres. Since the approach considers education as well as the economy, justice, healthcare, and sociology, the professionals from these fields must be involved into the policy formation. Every person involved should take care of his/her specific area. Thus, local authorities need to consider economic questions of unemployment and low income, while psychologists should work with the families in an individual order. In most occasions, these are the families with already documented cases of violence. Educators are aimed at increasing the level of education, since most of all violent acts occur in the families where either both intimate partners or one of them are uneducated or have primary education (Bates et al., 2004). Another thing needed to put the plan into action is involving volunteers in social, educational, and healthcare establishments so that they can inform people about the intervention and consult them on every inquiry they have. Moreover, the centers of free psychological consultation and support should be created in the neighborhoods that do not have such centers. These facilities will serve to help people find solutions to their problems, including those of personal character (relationship in the family, inability to attend school because of low income). Moreover, the committee should review the work of the establishments directed at lowering unemployment rate. In neighborhoods with higher incidence of domestic violence, unemployment rate is rather high. Many women suffer from domestic violence since they are financially dependent on their spouses and do not have the ability to find occupation because of lack of education or other reasons (Reece, 2006, p. 785). If women do not depend on anyone financially, they will feel free to protest against inappropriate treatment. Since incidence of violence in the family is considerably higher in neighborhoods with lower income and higher crime rate (Hove & Gwazane, 2011; Abramsky et al., 2011), officials responsible for policy implementation should arrange possibilities for people to raise their economic status (create additional work places, involve investments and sponsor’s support, offer different social security programs, and others). The next step is organizing the committee responsible for the evaluation of the policy effectiveness and making necessary interventions if needed.   

Buy custom Domestic Violence and Socioeconomic Status Sections III, IV, and V essay

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