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Enterprises in Ireland

Buy custom Enterprises in Ireland essay

Buy custom Enterprises in Ireland essay

Niina Nummela, Sharon Loane, and Jim Bell wrote an article titled “Change in SME internationalization: an Irish perspective.” The article is based on the economic perspective of small and medium-sized enterprises in Ireland (Niina, Sharon & Jim 2006, p. 562 – 583). The paper describes and analyses the process of change, which are strongly related to internationalization. The paper also covers main internationalization processes among the Irish SMEs with an effort to establish findings related to the topic.

The objective of the study was established based on the argument that the number of small firms within the global economy and operating on international markets increase by day with the process of internationalization accelerating at a fast pace within the market (Niina, Sharon & Jim 2006, p. 562 – 583). This has featured an interest in studying small and medium-sized enterprises in the last decade and the issues engulfing the same. This is one significant reason why the study has been conducted to analyze issues engulfing small and medium-sized enterprises with a particular interest in the Irish market.

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From the perspective of this paper, the study has been quite significant in the global market because earlier researches in the same areas were totally neglecting the problems which small sized companies’ face in the modern period that has experienced corporate change processes (Lam & White 1999, p. 105 - 34). It is argued that the paper is based on an earlier study by Nummela's (2004, p. 404 - 30). It is a masterly study because it is also excellent in filling the gap focusing on the reforms that resulted from internationalization.

The paper also details the study as a replica of Nummela's work, one which was in the Irish context earlier, and the main aims being building upon and taking these original works forward. The original framework was earlier assumed that, at the company level, the reforms related to internationalization had both internal and external effects within an economy (Niina, Sharon & Jim 2006, p. 562 – 583). This is what the paper based on and tried to deduce more information on the same and further the study while developing appropriate findings.

Buy custom Enterprises in Ireland essay

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