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Juvenile Delinquency Treatment Program

Buy custom Juvenile Delinquency Treatment Program essay

Buy custom Juvenile Delinquency Treatment Program essay

  • What is the name of the program you are assessing?

The program is called Prodigy. The name of the program reflects its intention to involve youth in arts as an effective measure of the crime prevention. The program approaches the task of reducing the crime rate in youth with peaceful ways. In such a manner, this program provides thousands of teenagers with peaceful ways of expressing themselves. It not only helps the juvenile offenders to adjust to the social norms but also prevents the other teenagers from committing the crimes (Harris, Lockwood, Mengers, & Stoodley, 2011). In addition, this program practices a research-based intervention aimed at preventing the youth of seven to seventeen years old from engaging in illegal action and unsocial behavior.

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  • Where is the program located?

The program is located in Florida. Prodigy has nine subsidiaries including the branches in East Tampa, St. Petersburg, Brandon, Lakeland, and Orlando. The program has a comprehensive nature of influence, which aims at having a massive effect on youth and making a difference in the juvenile justice system starting from the local communities. Its effectiveness is associated with numerous requests to implement the program in the other states.

  • Is the program cost-effective?

The program is famous for its high effectiveness in terms of the youth accommodation to the social norms and standards. Moreover, it is famous for its low costs and high efficiency. The program uses a careful selection of new locations, which would help the government both to save the costs and to reduce the crime rate in youth. Moreover, the program’s extension is similar to the measures aimed at minimizing the state’s additional expenses, which generate as soon as the juvenile offenders turn to crime. The program does not require enormous investments in order to be implemented and be effective. It is a cost-saving tool, which has enough opportunities to make change in the juvenile justice system starting from the local and moving up to the national level. In general, Prodigy is an alternative to other costly case management options aimed at reducing the crime rate (, 2014).

  • What positive impact is the program providing?

Prodigy is an opportunity for many juvenile offenders to transform their lives and adopt the appropriate pattern of behavior acceptable in the society. Prodigy changes lives of many young people through the visual and performing art including the diversity of activities. Teenagers are the primary source concerning the program’s efficiency. They eagerly share feedback on the program’s impact. It means that Prodigy is effective enough to involve teenagers into the correctional activities. Prodigy is a friendly program providing young individuals with support, care, and understanding instead of moralizing and punishing them for their misbehavior. In such a manner, the program encourages teenagers to be willing to change their behavioral patterns and respect social norms.

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  • Will the program help to curb juvenile delinquency?

On the one hand, the program’s efficiency is impressive enough to provide the state with the long-term success. Numerous requests to extend the program prove that there is a need to enhance the performance of other states with a life-changing element. In addition, Florida has successfully implemented this program and managed to reduce the crime rates in the youth. It means that the program has an effective platform able to transform the behavior of the teenagers and reduce the number of the juvenile delinquency cases (Soler, Shoenberg, & Schindler, 2009). However, on the other hand, the program is not promising that its participants will never turn to crime again. The program should extend the diversity of its activities in order to provide the government with an overall positive impact on the crime rates.

  • What are the negative sides of the proggram?

The program involves a narrow diversity of activities, which aims at teaching the youth on how to behave. However, the program does not involve any kind of punishment, which would demonstrate that the criminals are the only ones responsible for their actions. It means that the program does not involve enough activities, which could ensure that society is safety.

  • Include suggestions for improving the program

First, the program needs to include the correctional measures, which would be persuasive enough to prevent the juvenile offenders from committing the crimes again. For example, the program can involve different school-based jobs depending on the seriousness of the offense. The youth could engage in cleaning or library services, which would be a light warning that the criminals should always pay for their actions (Cecile & Born, 2009). Jobs will not only become a form of punishment but also remind the juvenile offenders of a rule that every crime leads to the intensified correctional measure. Second, the program should include counseling in the aspect of family and social relations (Greenwood, 2008). It is a fact that these relations shape both the mindset and behavioral patterns of youth. Parent-program cooperation will become an essential part of the program in reducing the crime rates.

  • Explain your reasons for supporting or eliminating the program.

The program has an appropriate platform for the further extension and improvement in the juvenile delinquency treatment. Florida has essentially benefited from the implementation of Prodigy. Low costs of the program prove that the efficiency depends not on the investment, but on the activities offered. Finally, the program can save its low costs and include more activities aimed at reducing the crime rates. In general, the program has an enormous impact on society; this fact means that it is possible to reduce the juvenile delinquency cases at the national level.


Buy custom Juvenile Delinquency Treatment Program essay

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