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Nature of Police Work

Buy custom Nature of Police Work essay

Buy custom Nature of Police Work essay

The police department in any state has been synonymous with the main role of fighting crime and this has been portrayed in the television movies, comic strips and newspaper articles, people have cultured them with shooting, punching and outwitting the most wanted criminals in a bid to enforce the law. The citizens of a given state have high expectations on the community not only tom protect their rights but also to guard against the violation of the same (Klockars, 126-76).

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This therefore implies a cooperative effort between the community and the police it is them that are being served (Klockars, 126-76). The police are therefore empowered and also accountable to the community. As law enforcement agents, the police have a responsibility to show exemplary conduct towards the community that they serve and the powers that have been conferred to them by the state to exercise punishment upon those who defy the laws of the state.

However, it is of shocking to learn that the police have also been guilty of misconduct in their barracks as well as when on duty. Corruption, abuse o authority, physical harassment, bribery, extortion are some of the crimes that olice officers have reportedly been involved in (Anderson, 56-62). If these instances are not monitored and dealt with appropriately, the community may lose confidence with the police department which may pose a great threat to the safety and security of the people (Shimshon, 129-43).

The police conduct review systems are necessary in order to ensure that the misconduct is regulated since they are to be impartial enforcers of the law. This implies an accurate understanding of the community and its needs as well as the police operation systems to facilitate interaction between the two (Klockars, 25-43).

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The police have often been referred to as law enforcement officers; they undertake several functions that incorporate the investigation and apprehension of criminals. This is just a part of the general functions that they perform which bare classified as provision of basic social services, maintaining law and order, and controlling crime (Hurtado, 124-34).

The area of social service, they help during emergencies with the much needed assistance in finding lost children, giving first aid, conducting rescue operations in some cases. The police also hellp to maintain law and order in the form of solving disputes, traffic control, conduct safety patrols at night, arrest criminals, controlling people among others. This is normally done to restore peace rather than enforcing the law like in domestic disputes and it is in the discretion of the officer on how to handle the situation. The police also control crime by investigating criminals, arrest and apprehension of the convicted ones (Howell, 126-34).

The police have the responsibility of identify the criminal offenders and apprehend them at appropriate times and ensure their prosecution after the law proceedings (Hurtado, 126-56). They also ought to facilitate prevention of occurrence of crime through patrols and appropriate measures. In addition to resolution of conflicts, they have a duty to aid those who are vulnerable to physical harm, the helpless and the less fortunate (Shimshon, 201-32).

They also control the movement of people and vehicles, provide emergency services, maintain and preserve civic order. Constitutionally, they identify serious law enforcement or government problems, protect certain guarantees, and create as well as protect the security in the community.

Buy custom Nature of Police Work essay

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