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Social Media: Pro and Contra

Buy custom Social Media: Pro and Contra essay

Buy custom Social Media: Pro and Contra essay

Currently, few people can imagine their lives without social media. Social media penetrated in human life and became its undeniable attribute. I am no exception since I also use social networks for various reasons. Social media allows people to interact with others who have the same interests. In addition, the media helps conveniently search for former classmates, comrades, colleagues, and friends from other cities. For this reason, a huge number of people spend much time on these sites, communicating with their old friends and searching for new ones. They hardly think about the pros and cons of social media. However, what are they in reality? Indeed, social networks have a lot of advantages. First, as it was mentioned above, they allow all people to be in touch, even if they live in different countries. They make it possible for a person to communicate with friends, share various news with them, demonstrate own photos, provide links to interesting sites, etc. For example, in order to tell one’s friends where they can download the necessary software it is enough to put the link in one’s blog or on a wall.

Social networks are used not only for entertainment purposes. In fact, with their help many people search for a job, are engaged in self-education. Moreover, many people find their beloved thanks to the social media. Nevertheless, social networks have not only advantages, but also disadvantages. What are their negative traits? Everyone knows that social networks are a convenient platform for having virtual friendship. However, many are so immersed in the virtual friendship that they do not care about anything else. For days, they could sit out on their favorite sites, looking through the pages of friends and sending messages to them. At the same time they often forget about work and study since they see them as much less interesting compared with the opportunity to observe the lives of friends. Often overreliance on social networks can lead to addiction, while social networks cannot replace real communication.

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Nevertheless, people are spending more time on them, the time they could spend with family or friends in a real life. A man seems to move away from his/her real life in some fictional world. Teenagers are the main fans of social networks since when adding new contacts in a social network, one does not necessarily tell the truth about him/herself. There is always the possibility of embellishing the reality and showing oneself more beautiful, successful, etc. In a real life, all these tricks soon become noticeable and an invented halo of a hero disappears. In turn, it is possible to maintain a specific image in a social network almost indefinitely. However, it is rather hard to find real friends here. Usually, a teenager does not know with whom he/she communicates. Maybe all his friends also seem to be those who they are not. The problem that it is impossible to live in social media forever and one needs to deal with real people, meanwhile he/she does not have appropriate communication skills.

To sum up, social networks have many advantages including the ability to freely share and receive information, seek employment, develop an internet business, enjoy music, games and other entertainment, etc. At the same time, social media has a tendency to form a relationship that threatens those who excessively use them, forgetting about real life and dealing with real people. I understand the possible dangers, so I try to spend a relatively small amount of time on social media. I am convinced that live communication with real people cannot be replaced by any social networks, no matter how interesting they may be.

Buy custom Social Media: Pro and Contra essay

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