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Social Policy

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Buy custom Social Policy essay

Development can be explained as a continuous process of positive change, aimed at optimum distributive justice, economic growth and individual and collective self-valiance in (i) politics, (ii) economics, (iii) culture, through the participation of a specific community and related communities.Lack of it, could pose a serious challenge to the social welfare which is inclusive of individual responsibility, economic justice, availability of food for everyone the world over and elimination of poverty. (Mappes, Degrazia & Zembaty)

Individual responsibility involves the adherence to the law, aiming at self benefiting. In society, being responsible ensures such cases of social deviance, like crime and alcoholism which are kept at a minimal, because of mainly the consequences that accompany them. Still, others are kept in check by moral values, and sometimes, virtues. In that case, individual responsibility could be viewed as a matter of great importance, as in the long run it serves for a positive purpose to society.

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Other people might argue that self-responsibility is an act of preventing oneself from realizing his or her full potential by not being adventurous enough. This in a way makes sense only that in modern societies, adventure ranges from drinking and brings to trying act new Chinese dishes. To any open mind, between the two, there is a spread of an unending list of activities from extremely ‘immoral’ or socially unacceptable to very ‘safe’ and ‘virtue’ ways of experimenting. That is why they are put in quotes to portray that immorality, safety or virtue are determined by the society, and that what is normal or good for one, could be unacceptable to another. For example, the same sex relationships are now a common phenomenon in most European countries, but in places like Tanzania in Africa, they are shunned and viewed as immoral.

This is not the only difference between the West and other places in the World, with an exception of a few countries in Asia and Australia. Hunger, is a major concern and a setback for development. Though, experienced in many parts of the Earth, it is more pronounced in under-development and developing countries like Malawi in Africa. It is being a bi-product of balanced diets, energy lacks in a hungry man / woman. This not only causes malnutrition in the end, it deprives nations of strong human resource through lack of labor.

As a result, even the richest countries in the world have to invest heavily in prodction of food, if not providence of it. This way, a little Chinese boy would be able to be strong enough to go to school and study well, in order to be a contributing citizen. Only through this would a little girl along the American coast living in poverty would have dreams of becoming a big movie start without being harassed or manipulated.

According to WFP, there are 925 million undernourished people in the world today. One out of seven people in the world does not have enough to eat. All these hungry people mean that economics of several countries are compromised because of over-burdening, especially the developing economies. Since these are facts, policies, like the Millennium Developing Goals have been put across to facilitate halving the proportion of people living in hunger, by 2015. Achieving this goal is becoming a vague dream, as 2015 looms near. As it is, hunger levels have actually been rising over the past decade.

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In a bid to reduce the proportion of people dying because of hunger, some organizations, like the WHO (World Health Organization) have embarked on campaigns and sensitization to help people know exactly what is seen the public donations of food and supplements, especially to hunger stricken countries in Asia and Africa. All in all, this does to be working effectively and in essence, feeding a person for a day or two does not eliminate the problem, only postpones it. Instead, giving a man/woman something that would enable him /her to get their own food is the best way to go about it. This would ensure that, although it might take a while to be productive, the step would be a long-term strategy.

Providing employment and alternative sources of water for irrigation of farms in arid areas would go a long way to prevent the rush and demoralizing act of asking for the relief food. This happens mostly in developing countries like Kenya in Africa, where large hectares of arable land are owned by rich and powerful, while the poor are left to look for alternative sources of livelihood. As a matter of fact, most of these poor people lack education, and therefore, are getting gainful employed is a hustle too. In the end, this leads to the coming up slums and increases the number of street children.

Since these people are too poor to go to school, a good way of changing that would be to provide free education but, of high quality, and making available food for every school-going child. For the youth and adults, giving them land to farm, and making loans accessible to them without discriminating mighht work in reducing hunger levels.

A poor man is constantly plagued by hunger and diseases, and therefore, contributes to a population of the World’s liabilities. This is because hunger means lack of energy, and in extreme cases, eventual death. This death is premature and un-natural. The death of many people causes loss of labor for production. This, in the end, means slow development and often poverty. A sequence of such events is what causes poverty, especially in developing countries. What is worse, it forms a cycle, where poverty leads to lack of money for industrialization and infrastructural development, leading to unemployment and poor social facilities, like hospitals, which in turn lead to more hungry, unhealthy and poverty-Stricken people.

It, being a major worldwide disease, should not be dealt with kindly. What actually counts is not who lives, but who dies everyday due to poverty-related causes. Ignoring political issues could actually be the primary cause of poverty in the world.

Once political matters are handled properly, for example, once proper laws are put down to govern political freedom and stability, and follow up on adherence is done, poverty could go for good. Political justice should be the first. “Justice is functionally a set of universal principals which guide people in judging what is right and what is wrong, no matter what culture and society they live in. It is actually one of the four ‘cardinal virtues of classical moral philosophy along with courage, temperance and prudence.”

Social justice is the principals that guide the formation of institutions, for example, the political arena. To be able to be politically moral, justice must appear in the base plan of the system. This way, even economic justice which is included in social justice would easily germinate. In this sense, just means being financially stable, as a person in relation to society. Independence in financial matters and being able to co-relate and interact with other people leads to harmony and general satisfaction, and therefore, proper livelihood.

This, combined with political justice could also be the one way of eliminating poverty. In such a case, there is almost no question that morality and virtuousness are key items in achieving this, because they entail self responsibility and reliance. It just has to begin with each person before it translates into community level, to national and finally to benefit the whole World.    

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