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Solutions for Social Inequity in the USA

Buy custom Solutions for Social Inequity in the USA essay

Buy custom Solutions for Social Inequity in the USA essay

Social problems in most countries usually belong to the same type, but carry different titles: structural and/ or cyclical unemployment; crisis of the pension system (due to the different reasons, in both developed and developing countries); difficulties with financing education and health care areas; migration and adaptation of migrants; and, at least, the problem of social inequality. The developed countries of the world have already solved certain problems of inequality. It is important to mention the fact that after the collapse of the socialist system, any serious political force, which would have promoted radical elimination of inequality would not last long. In any case, the solutions proposed do not guarantee the problem’s disappearance (McCall 26).

In order to elaborate the solutions of the problem, it is necessary to single out several aspects of social inequality in the USA. First and foremost, the phenomenon of social inequity consists in the magnitude of the observed inequality trends throughout the last few decades. Secondly, the structure of society and its ethnic composition have a tendency to impact the crisis of social inequality. These problems are supposed to affect many socio-economic trends in the country (Adams and Deakin 779).

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Thus, the paper is aimed at regarding the possible ways of social inequity solutions in the USA, through the prism of the two stories, “Generation R: The Changing Fortunes of America’s youth” by Don Peck and Horatio Alger. This topic is particularly interesting, since it touches upon the quality of American citizens’ lives and has a tendency to impact the global situation in economy and social conditions. In order to investigate this topic properly, it is necessary to address the classification of the possible inequity reasons and premises. This will help to apply the proper solution to the problem in question.

During the last decade, the USA has experienced the rise of social inequality. The United States social inequaity supporters have a conviction that such categories as the poor and middle class should not complain about the situation they are living in. This assumption is determined by the fact that they could have obtained a smaller rate of income than ever before. The supporters of social inequality state that the good position of the poor people and middle class appeared to the contribution of the rich and super-rich class. The statistic data, however, shows the contradictions of this assumption. In fact, America grew much faster in several decades after World War II (McCall 30). Many years after have passed, the situation has been slowly changing.

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The political activity of national minorities is caused by the growth of material well-being, which affects the nature of public debate and the legalization of illegal immigrants. Uneven income strata causes the uneven growth (and, frequently, decline) of the industry and states. The stability of the middle class provides a certain socio-political climate in the country which has also become a subject of both scientific and political debate. Finally, the question of social inequality that was mainly associated with a small number of rich people and mass poverty in the United States, now has a completely different dimension. This is related to the ministries of finance, leading the fight against the concealment of incomes of the upper classes in offshore tax restrictions bonuses and salaries – some elements of care from the obvious “demonstrative injustice” (McCall 26).

Thus, solutions of the phenomenon of social inequity require a versatile approach to the solution. First and foremost, it is necessary to implement the measures for the stimulation of middle class, small and medium-sized owners. In order to make the market system develop and function in a stable manner, it is necessary to remember that its active participants are involved in public and private business for no less than 40% of the adult working population. This represents the middle class. This percentage is enough to make transfers bbetween a successful middle class and the socially disadvantaged categories. In order to apply this, the state must forcibly disaggregate private monopolies to end the oligarchic structures and look for perfect execution of the bureaucracy of their direct functions. The development of medium-sized businesses should be an essential priority of state in order to reduce the amount of people with “lifetime of good wages and white collars” (Peck 85).

Another solution of the social inequity in the USA can be regarded through the prism of property. The government should be actively involved in the regulation of economy and strengthening its social orientation. Furthermore, the government has to apply the “powerful theoretical models that depict how Americans ought to respond politically to rising inequality” (McCall 25). In other words, it is critically important to think of the global progressive taxes on wealth, which are called to prevent the growth of income inequality. The tax rates, in this case, should be low, no more than a few percent. Wealth taxation should be adapted to capitalism of the 21st century. Thus, it will help to balance unequal incomes of people, and, along with this, stimulate the solution of property inequity among the population.

One of the solutions to the problem of social inequity consists in the transition from capital and labor opposition to their union. This process presupposes the development of two terms – the labor and the worker – as an employee of capital, which has the right not only to pay a mercenary, but to share the income which belongs to his/her capital. However, due to the fact that “the standard employment relationship continues to be a core legal and economic institution of a market economy” (Adams and Deakin 779), it seems difficult to overcome the problem. This will help reduce, figuratively saying, the fact that children buy the cap “for seventy-five cents” (Peck 94), as it had happened in the story by Don Peck and Horatio Alger.

Buy custom Solutions for Social Inequity in the USA essay

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