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Al Jazeera

Buy custom Al Jazeera essay

Buy custom Al Jazeera essay

The Arabs tend to appreciate the dual role done by the upcoming channel of Al Jazeera. This is due to the connection it enhance between the two Arabs allocated in different part of Middle East. This helps in improving the social interaction in the Arabs world. The channel links the two brands of Arabs by updating them of detailed news, which is not offered in the western channel. The Al Jazeera mostly airs a scale of debates and discussions on the political issues concerning the Arabs whereby the challenges facing the Arabs culture is presented and various solution are suggested by even other viewers in other nations It improves the economic status of the Arabs, since the channel itself enhance the creation of job opportunities, thus enhancing the growth of Arabs world.

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Al Jazeera pays attentions to the war in Afghanistan that makes it to be able to air videos it gathers from the Tiban and Osama Bin Landen, who are were recognized to be associates of terrorists. Some of the people claimed that the channel was supporting the terrorists as a result of voicing their statement. However, this was not the case because the channel was able to get the videos aired by such people because it had launched a bureau before the war arose. This made it harder for the other television channel to air the information, and also the fact that it did not have a larger population of the Arabs.

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Al Jazeera English being an international television channel it deals with the current affairs of a given country. The fact that it is also a 24-system channel enables it to updates its viewer of an emerging issue mainly in political and economic sector. It is able to deliver its news in English which is a language highly understood by most population. The above features make it a successful channel within a short period oof time.

The internet act as favor for the Al Jazeera channel since it is able to transmit information at a faster way. The transmission  cables of internet are all ova the country and therefore people can be able to access the channel no matter their locality hence able to gather knowledge of the western lifestyle .This channel mostly tend to implement the changes in the Arabs since it consist links with them .

The internet in Arabs world, which involves the Al Jazeera channel that act as a media of implementing changes in the Arab’s world. The channel is able to enhance the freedom of speech whereby the Arabs can be able to air their view to factors leading to the changes. The channel as well delivers some of the Muslim fundamental views since it believes that they are source of changes in accordance to its origin in Qatat a brotherhood of the Arabs and Muslim.

Buy custom Al Jazeera essay

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