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Comparing Websites

Buy custom Comparing Websites essay

Buy custom Comparing Websites essay

All the website designers when making the websites have approximately the same number of possibilities of what can be done with the website. Everybody wants to make their websites user friendly and with easy navigation. Of course each designer has his or her own vision regarding convenience of the layout and what eye catchy design means. The two websites that are going to be compared represent different movie  theaters, so they are directed at the same audiences, the share the same goals. The websites to be compared are and second is,  from the first glance they both look  beautiful, but how about functionality.

The first website, is a very convenient and easy to navigate website. All the movies are put on the timeline, so you can go back and forth. When you click on the movie on time line you instantly have all the information there is  on that website tied up  to the movie poster. There you have original trailer right  in front of you and to the right on the calendar format you have the schedule of when the movie is running in the cinema, basically, all the information you might need on the movie is there.

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The other website is a bit more confusing, when clicking on the movie, you get pretty much nowhere. One has to navigate and take his time to find the information he  or she needs on the And the website itself  offers very little if any information on the movie.

To conclude, it would be  right to say that even thou two websites look very much alike, the colors and layout are nearly the same. However, when it comes to the movie skeleton, it is whole different story, is much more advanced and user friendly in any aspect  you might think of.

Buy custom Comparing Websites essay

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