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Computer Security

Buy custom Computer Security essay

Buy custom Computer Security essay


Because of the advancements in technology, it is important for companies to come up with ways and means of ensuring that all the systems used to run the businesses are secure. Every company should ensure that it remains in an environment which is conducive for carrying out the business. In connection to this, my company is trying its best to have sandbox to ensure that there is tight security (Ghoda 2010).  This paper looks into the details of the benefits of this system and how it will influence the production within the whole firm.

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Benefits of Sandbox             

This being a new technology, some people will have to undergo training to understand how this application software operates. After they have been trained, they can exchange with other employees within the firm. This software has the ability to regulate all the operating systems within the computer.  For instance, when installing new computer program, the computer has to be set into sandbox mode. Thereafter, the new software can be run as it is part of the computer.  It will operate as a permanently installed program.  The advantage here is that one can decide to remove this new software if it does not meet his needs (Horwitz 2002).  This means that if the program has made the system slowdown, it can just be rejected without getting into the main system.  Moreover, there is still an opportunity to run anti-virus programs and it will help in detecting any form of virus, which may have come with the new software which was being tested. Whenever you exit the sandbox, all the components ofthe new program will be done away with, including the virus.

In a company different employees may be sharing one computer. This interferes with the progress of the firm, especially when one of them decides to interfere with the work which was already in progress.  Some users prefer making their computers appear as if it belonged to them. They may download games, wallpapers and install them at the same computer used for other operations in the firm (Franks 2012).  With sandbox, it is possible to avoid such messes from taking place.  The operator has just to switch to sandbox mode when leaving the computer.  This means that when he returns and closes the sandbox, all the changes which were made in his absence will be cleared.  It means that with this software in place the company will not be affected by the changes made by other staff.

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Browsing the internet is associated with spyware. Computer system that is used to access the net is known to pick a lot of these programs. There are sites which distribute the spyware to other computers. Such programs interfere with the normal functions of the system. They are designed in such a way that they can easily corrupt your systems. Most windows are known to save the sites automatically (Edge, & Barker 2010). When one is accessing the net in the presence of active sandbox, it is possible to clear all the spyware and set the system free. All the illegal sites are also restricted and not allowed to alter the system.

Sources of  the Aandbox and Estimated Cost   

Being software, it can be bought from genuine companies. The firm should be ready to spend some cash on purchasing this software. There is no need of buying a fake product  that will not serve the intended purpose. Buying original security system will also enable the company to own the license of running the program in its systems.  To ensure that it achieves all its functions, a professional programmer will be identified to ensure that it is integrated into the system.  The same person or another expert from the same company will be the one to carry out the maintenance practice (Null & Lobur 2012).  That is the specialist who has the ability to understand the software.

This whole process of acquiring the new product is expected to consume a total of about $ 250 including the labor of the programmers.  The cost varies depending on the industry which will offer the best sandbox with its entire utilities (Horwitz 2002). The product can be bought online from genuine websites to minimize scams. Maintenance cost will depend on the experts who will be coming regularly to keep it updated.


 In conclusion, the computer sandbox has a lot of benefits to the company. All the systems will be under tight security. This will help in minimizing unauthorized person from accessing confidential information about the firm.  This firm will also be free from hackers and fraudsters from different parts of the world. Apart from protecting the software which is being downloaded it is possible to curb hard drive damage from other users (Franks 2012). All the transactions within and outside the firm can be carried out without encountering any form of problem. If it comes to shopping, someone will be sure of not collecting spyware from the net.  In case of any issue, the information and technology experts will be consulted for more guidance and directives.

Buy custom Computer Security essay

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